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New admins

  • @W4FFLE:

    Ahhh I love the smell of blackmail in the morning. Neko is a good guy/or girl me and him played dead baby bowling alot last night on sandbox.

    dead baby bowling was fun when i was playing it with thhe machine i made that had ropes on it  to pull the pins up or down.

  • @Spikes251:

    what? You guys need to stop flaming…god.

    That’s not flaming.

  • @JackThompson:

    Wow you guys are pathetic. All I see is misspelling middle schoolers wanting to get a sandmod… Dm is doing a great job. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never seen him before. Also, Kenny, you’d be a shitty sandmod, that I can guarantee. You guys always think that you’ll suddenly “become good” if you become an admin, but yet in game, all I see is OMFG NUBCAEK CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR ZOMFGWTF. And then I come here and see how “you’d like to apply to sandmod, because you’re good”. Oh, and word’s prove nothing.

    EDIT: I’m not trying to suck up, I don’t even know how to build ,all I can do is make a fucking boat with Pod Controller, so this isn’t a “suck up application”.

    I like to think it isn’t flaming if its true.
    However, lots of forum mods dont agree with me :(

  • Meh, I don’t care if ill ever be a admin on NoX I always have a good time on it.
    Unless some retard is on that either likes to mess with other peoples props or block on zombie survival.

  • obviously you do care since you bumped an old thread, to say you don’t care.

  • Is jet keeping this thread just in case he needs new admins or does he forget to lock it?

  • Everyone that posts here isn’t gettign a chance and intime only 3-5 will be left and they become admins.

  • Its still alive because morons keep posting in it.
    Good job reviving weeks if not months old thread.
    Let it die ><

  • send this thread to hell…

  • :action-smiley-081:

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