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New weapons, moves, etc.

  • Still open to ideas. No more generic guns, there’s a large selection of those already.

  • Still open to ideas. No more generic guns, there’s a large selection of those already.

  • A gun that had such high recoil you can physically launch yourself into the air with it, so it’s more like a jetpack then an actual weapon. With rapid fire, too.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  • Stake Launcher/harpoon launcher: sticks ragdolls to walls/floors/props maybe, 1 shot per clip, slow projectile, headshots insta-kill.

    Flechette gun: pretty much the premade swep that comes with gmod.

    The ability to throw your knife

    Bring back the divebomb attack from the berserker sword

    Teleporter to return to your spawn or to a spot you assigned

    Flying Kick: Press Crouch midair at a high enough velocity to perform a flying kick to an enemy/anything else, if you miss you’ll be ragdolled, ragdolls the enemy/punts props and some damage.

    Prop Cannon: Suck in props with the right click, Fire props you sucked in with the left click.

    Ledge Grab: Press E when close to a ledge in mid air to pull yourself up quickly.

    Tesla Beam: Fires electricity, you have to keep your crosshair on your enemy and sustain fire, enemies nearby will be hit by arc lightning, zap props to charge them with energy to make a makeshift trap enemies might bump into.

    Acrobat: Related to the awesome rifle, fire a bullet that travels in straight lines, but sticks to where it lands and can be relaunched from that spot with a first person point of view, can be canceled, and bullet dies after hitting 5 surfaces.

  • Nailer from TP2

    A melee weapon on a chain that can be thrown and used to reel people in or over ledges.

    Awesome pistol - first shot is guided like the awesome rifle, the rest of the bullets of that clip home in on who/what the first shot hit.

    Force shield

    Walljumping off of people’s faces should be viable in combat, right now it’s flat out impossible to do and gives you no advantage besides knocking someone into a trigger_hurt.

  • Wall clinging: During wall jumps click right mouse to “Stick” to that spot and hold it to stay there, while stuck you can aim yourself to where you want and launch by pressing left mouse or just fall by releasing right mouse.  To counter cheapness maybe a max of 2-4 seconds before you automatically fall. and possibly no shooting or maybe fire time is drastically increased.

    Might be stupid but it seems okay-ish in my opinion.

  • By the way would anyone feel bad about all basic weapons having the Smart Rifle’s effects with an option to turn it off? Just so you know, the Smart Rifle’s effects are also lag compensated so…

  • How about something similar to the hivehand?

  • Nauseating.

  • Taking fall damage while ragdolled.

    sliding if you hit the ground crouching and moving forward adding more velocity the further youve fallen



  • How about a gun that can penetrate walls up to a certain thickness?

  • A Pet rollermine, you purchase it, and shoot a spot on the ground, ceiling, or walls  if so inclined, but not recommended unless it’s a good spot, and a rollermine will spawn with a tether attached to the spot you shot with a 30 ft. (more or less) rope. It will chase enemies and will be killable, to defend bombsites, watch your back as you snipe, cover a frequented spot. Hang them from the ceiling to make a swinging ball of death.

    Fan- just like the one in Super Smash Brothers, minimal damage, but it stuns the enemy for a split second and can be swung rapidly.

    Dodgeball- You have to retrieve it each time it is thrown, it knocks enemies back, and does moderate damage, but it can be caught in midair by the enemy if they’re quick, giving you the same effect that they’d have gotten if they were hit.

    Power Pole- The same one from Dragon Ball, Right click extends the pole, and you can push off the ground, or away from walls, or push players, but you need to be precise. Left click is a basic melee weapon, weaker than the sword, stronger than the knife. Maybe incorporate pole vaulting and some special moves.

  • kung fu

  • Bring back the shield so bullets can be deflected. This time it should be able to be deployed with a right click so it can be left standing up.

  • Gun that shoots bullets that bounce off walls 2-4 times.

  • Just a reminder that almost all of the ideas so far are fine. As in they “make sense” in the theme and setting.

    No to the lightning gun though. No ray or laser weapons without some kind of gimmick or drawback. That’s the whole reason bullets are physical.

  • there’s a lot that can be taken from pages of the specialists, not sure if you’ve ever played it though

  • A gun that can be shot and then guide the bullets like a hl2 rocket, but you dont go into a “bullet vision” and can still move.

    Can cancel with right click, and only when you cancel or the bullets hit something can you reload or fire more bullets. Can have up to 3 bullets at a time in the air. Maybe a 9 round magazine?

  • @takara1:

    there’s a lot that can be taken from pages of the specialists, not sure if you’ve ever played it though

    yes like roleplaying a taxi playermodel and rolling across the map as a car for 20 minutes.

    seriously though how about something that homes in on people like the original slow from rtp, maybe your can have 4 or 5 out at a time and to get rid of them you have to get them to ram themselves in the wall or something, it would look pretty cool having the whole enemy team get chased by trails of particles.

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