• What do you do for a living?

    Or if you are in school/university/college, what are you majoring in and what do you hope to do?

  • What do you do for a living?

    Or if you are in school/university/college, what are you majoring in and what do you hope to do?

  • I want to live on the government welfare system.

  • Office work - aka printing tons of paper and handing it out to people for money.

  • i snort glass.

    that’s my job.

    i learn slow at first.

    and now, i know it by heart.

  • Taking a degree in media production, specialising in film editing and video effects. Next year i will be writing a dissertation on why people rely on and look up to violence for entertainment in the media whilst they would otherwise reject and look down on violence in the real world. Next year i will also be the producer and editor of two short film projects.

    When i get my degree (probably a Masters) I will have to whore myself out for free to the big companies to get anywhere in the business though… fun…

  • I’m a graphic designer and web developer.  I’ve been with my current company for almost 5 years now…  love my job.

    Also love the type of work I do because I’m moving soon but get to keep my job and work remotely. =D

  • I work maintenance at an apartment complex, a wide variety of jobs in its own.

  • i work with my uncle’s company handling the remains of people who have died, also cleaning carpets

    basically i’m the one who has to either wetten and then hoover up them blood, pick up the bone fragment/flesh etc of a bad accident or any of that sort of shit when you die/have a serious accident

    i fucking love it i see blood and shit all day

    great stuff when i join the army

  • I’m becoming a Master in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and will hopefully be working for the company “Imagination Technologies” as a Software/Hardware Engineer, eventually developing into a lead role.

  • im a wounded vet, i dont work i get paid by the goverment, im only 20 years old, have fun working for the rest of your life

  • Student and part-time freelance and independent Game Developer

  • Student, haven’t decided on what to major in yet.

  • Student and shitty flash-game developer.

    (It makes me money, who cares.)

  • I work with a Political Organization in my county, basically all I do is make phone calls, database entry, calculate statistical data, and give out speeches and lead discussion for fore running meetings. Also the hours are flexible as fuck.

  • Taking care of hens and roosters. Selling fresh eggs.

  • Out of curiosity, how much do you sell the eggs, or at least by the dozen?

  • Majoring in Business Administration, presently unemployed, probably going to pick up a maintenance job somewhere until I can get a nice customer service or inside sales job somewhere.  Realistically, I’d like to work at a small PC repair store or a customer service job or sales job somewhere at a tech company.  It’s just something I like doing.

  • Student majoring Networking specialist. Part time job painting homes commercial buildings and such. Also pursuing music.

  • Music

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