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1000 bouncy balls…

  • @Mal1t1a:

    you should uhh, cover the entire floor in bouncy balls, and just walk away.

    just about completely covered so that they can still move around abit, and if you step on them, you fall and break your neck and fucking die.

    Nah just lay on your belly and roll around :D

  • drop them on him while he’s taking a shit, partner takes toilet paper

  • Fill it with chocolate and tell him it’s candy.

  • Buy about 40 more of those… remove the balls and wrap every object in his office in those bags…

    As for the balls, I hear Sony are offering a job for advertising.

  • Fill a cabinet that he often opens with the bouncy balls and when he opens it the balls will just pour out

  • if his office door opens outward and is not made of transparent glass, arrange a container, or something so that when the door is opened, the balls spill, you probably want to be talking to him at the time he opens the door, most people look at you behind them while they do this since it’s a simple task, increasing the chance of him slipping, act surprised unless you want your ass fired.

  • save all the bouncy balls for when the next oil spill happenes, you can sell them to the oil company, and they will plug up the leak with them.

  • Poke a hole in each bag of 250 and half-fill them with gasoline.  Tape it up and attach a cloth piece, also soaked.  Toss bag, light cloth.  The plastic will quickly burn away, releasing a hellish swarm of bouncing flame-wreathed rubber, which will also possibly wind up melting- sticking to skin and carpet and the walls.  If you want to get fancy, construct a kind of slingshot.  If you use wire netting to hold the payload in place, you can douse the balls and ignite them just before launch.  This would fucking pelt the target with them.

    Assuming this is just a friendly prank, I would suggest having fire extinguishers handy.

  • Get you and all of your co-workers to fill them in your anuses one by one, walk in on your boss, and squat down to eject the bouncy balls on his desk.

  • I love the “fill your anus” replies… that’s very realistic.

    Too bad I didn’t buy wholesale lube…

  • They look small, and all it would take is some spit. By realistic, you mean “I don’t want to get fired but I still have to piss off my boss somehow”.

  • Obviously,  you should use Gasoline as the Lube, and then Have a small Jet lighter above your taint as you excrete them.  Then you can shit bouncy fire.

  • Buy a gum-ball machine and give it to him full of those.