Which did you like better?

  • Just out of curiosity. Feel free to give reasons.

  • Just out of curiosity. Feel free to give reasons.

  • TP2-
    extremely fun melee combat
    customizable class system
    customizable weapon loadout

    balance issues
    spell requirement adjustments

    edit: how far back is pre-RTP

  • Invulnerable bases and verification era.

  • fuck i cant change my vote

    edit: ffffffffffff

  • Pre RTP, ground vehicles only with current build system with assassin removed and less AOE explosions would be the perfect for me.

  • Heroes of Newerth FPS. go.

  • @Meow:

    fuck i cant change my vote

    NoX Teamplay

    fun Obby-like bases
    Balanced classes (Necro is an exception)

    ‘impossible’ obbys
    slow wall surf up (49 degree panel)

    We’re still talking about gmod 10 here.

  • TP2 wasn’t very welcoming to new players. Not only would new players be lacking in skill and knowledge, but they would also have a worse class. Simplicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it is fun/challenging. I didn’t get to play TP2 much and it wasn’t very gripping due to the fact that I had no idea what I was doing.

  • I like the jumping + melee and the intensity (TP) I miss it alot and I really didnt play it much but it would be nice to get back for a little… And yes I agree with deadly one but not everybody was the best either thats why you need to build skill. But thats just me :poke:

  • I don’t know what it was about it but I always enjoyed old RTP, maybe something to do with bases being creative to get in/out of and build. Hacking at walls has never been that fun for me, bombers were the only solution.

  • I hated the constant knock downs in tp2

  • I only have a few complaints with the current RTP, which I won’t bore you with since they’ve been voiced non-stop in other threads.

    Really, I think it’s changed for the better.

  • TP2 was awesome, wall running/jumping and knocking people around was what made it amazing.

    But what turned me off and im sure alot of other people was the fact you could use a powerful melee weapon with a wand for healing and such.

    Also the customizing of stats was quite difficult for new players.

    old RTP was very fun, aside from Slope bases that were nearly impossible to get out of.

    I beleive the more variety of classes/weapons/spells are making current RTP more fast-paced and interesting.

  • I think the running and jumping mechanics would be amazing if certain character types could use them in RTP/the RPG/something, and if we had some maps designed to use them properly.

  • @Lord:

    I hated the constant knock downs in tp2

    I did too but it was fun knocking them down too

  • if anything bring stamina back, and have a set amount for appropriate classes

  • I also like the customizable features you can do also

  • i also didnt like the wall ruunning and sprinting. It felt really unsmooth and broke game play for me.

  • The nice thing about RTP is the learning curve. You have classes that are easy and still fun to use and you also have classes that are difficult, but rewarding/fun to use. Generally the classes seem fairly well balanced.  TP2 default classes weren’t as good as RTP’s classes. However the appeal of TP2 isn’t only the high learning curve, but the faster paced action. @Thor:

    if anything bring stamina back, and have a set amount for appropriate classes

    I’m pretty sure Blue.frog was mostly looking for opinions for future updates and may not be wanting to rework most/all of the existing classes. Just a guess though. I shouldn’t be speaking for other people.

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