Your Opinion on Dragon age origins and 2

  • What do you think about the games?

  • What do you think about the games?

  • Just as bad as the original.

  • Appauled at the lack of polish with DA 2. Can’t help but feel they rushed it. Could have been so much more


  • i bought origins because i thought i’d like it as much as mass effect.

    it was pretty boring to me.

  • Origins was above average but not as good as older bioware games in my opinion.

    2 was just complete shit.

  • I may just have sucked, but you seemed to have to set up your characters perfectly just to win any fight bigger than 3 random low level enemies at once. The fact that I found out the game was a point and click game the second I started playing it was the biggest let down I’ve ever experienced. Also the fact that each “unique” storyline was just a different beginning and a few racists here and there if you chose to be a dwarf was lame.

    Not even going to bother with the second.

  • I have to disagree with your points against the first game, Meat. The difficulty was very high, I admit, but once you learned some good combinations (I can name many) or just figure out what the overpowered spells in the game are, it balanced out pretty well. I never found myself thinking “Wow, taking this skill path completely overpowered my character.” Nor did I ever really think “Wow, this skill path is equivalent to spending all my points on learning to suck cocks.”

    No game is actually going to generate totally unique experiences based on the character you create, at least not for another decade or two. And since, with RPG in general, the most played part is going to be the beginning as you try out different styles of characters, so it was nice to not have to play the same opening segment three times during my first three attempts to understand how to play the game right.

    Origins wasn’t perfect but it definitely wasn’t shit.

  • I struggled to win any fights in DAO until I discovered Cone of Cold. Then the game became considerably easier.

    I did enjoy the party member banter, which was fun, and the confrontation with Logahin climax was pretty cool. Lots of significantly different choices you can make there too, although I guess none of them really make much of a difference in the end. On the other hand I found the entire world setting to be very, very bland and boring. I laugh when the DA development team brag about making this really deep, unique setting, while all it basically boils down to is you have humans, elves and dwarves and lord of the rings orcs darkspawn who try to genocide the world every couple of generations. Everything else is explained by demons from the warp fade possessing stuff. Also very long dungeons with the same enemy type over and over. Also the DAO developers’ obsession with bloodbloodblood freaks me out. All up it was an ok game.

    Was going to get DA 2, but I read a review that said something like with alot of content removed and simplified, DA 2 is to DA:O what Deus Ex: Invisible War is to Deus Ex 1. That made me panic and I’m holding off on buying it for now.

    Also older Bioware games were better, etc.

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