• Muted for saying <mossman=squint> and breaking a bugged chat at 28 zombies to 3 humans on zs_blastdoors.  But ok.  When do I get unmuted?

  • Muted for saying <mossman=squint> and breaking a bugged chat at 28 zombies to 3 humans on zs_blastdoors.  But ok.  When do I get unmuted?

  • Note I know chat would bug if a nox icon was posted due to whatever update borked it.  But at 3 humans I knew there was no chance of survival and said it anyway and Benjay decided to mute me.  Come on, NO FUN ALLOWED

  • Muted for :4days:  Gee thanks glad I paid towards this community.

  • What a convincing argument.

  • You must be 14 so let me assist you; There is a sticky that would have answered most of your questions if you had spent a fraction of the time triple posting to read it.

    In regards to your actual punishment removal request, the outlook looks poor. I suggest you take the time to read the stickies and fix up your posts, because, right now, I’m more inclined to increase that mute to permanent.

  • actually i am 22 if that makes any difference.  but thanks for approving the thread.

    “Purposely exploiting non-game breaking glitches.
    1 star”

    x1 - Warning. Kick, slay, demotion, ignite, other petty punishments.

    but ok.  whatever guess i have no  proof of argument here but am seriously reconsidering my donation.  minor infraction = 4 day mute awesome.  even though i’ve spent hundreds of hours here i decided to give back for my time stay classy nox forums  8)

  • Benjy said to not post any images that would break the chat box several times. You did it more than once too, so it was rightfully enforced.

  • I
    ll continue to play Nox games because they are fun.  But if I could withdraw my diamond donation I would.  Oh noes he broke the chat which last I check was non game breaking at 3 humans left cause they were gonna survive.  Gimme a break.  The only people I respect in this community are Crespo, GT4, and Duff.

    Yes I am mad. <mossman=angry>

  • Would you like to borrow my backhoe? It digs faster.

  • Breaking the chat is actually pretty major in ZS. Otherwise how could you ^900 important messages to humans so they could actually teamwork?

    Also, ranting

  • You need to chill the fuck out over a mute. Waiting for Benjy’s input.

  • The chatlog cuts out before most of his stupidity is logged. People seem to think that because there’s an bug on the server, it’s a pass to act stupid.

    I muted him for intentionally breaking the chatbox whilst the bug in the servers existed today, among other smaller things. Everyone else resisted the urge to fuck something up, you should have done the same.

    The mute was supposed to be 2 days in length, but I was unable to see the numbers I was typing. The mute remains but the extra error has been removed.

  • This was from the gmod update? Is it fixed now?

  • 2-4 days mute seems like a petty punishment to me.

  • @JetBoom:

    This was from the gmod update? Is it fixed now?


  • I realize a mute is pretty minor in the scope of things.  I’ll abide by benjy’s ruling but I still hold to my conviction that it was a minor infraction at most and did not warrant a multi day administrative action and that if I could withdraw my donation, I would, but it has been processed.  Keep fighting the righteous fight.

  • You would withdraw your donation for not being able to talk for 2 days? You need a hobby.

    And [email protected]“Keep fighting the righteous fight”. You’re on a Gmod community’s website, take yourself less seriously please.

  • What part of DONATION do people not understand?

  • You’re honestly wanting to withdraw your donation completely because you were muted for_only two days_ because of the less-than intelligent actions you chose to do?

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