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Traitor/Detective Items

  • Hey what is your problem? What did I do to you to make you like that? Hmm?

  • @Pyramid:

    Nobody in this thread has been a dick yet.

    Allow me to change that by telling you that you’re an oversensitive twit with a senselessly egotistical quote.  ‘Mr. Awesome’.

    You also have terrible ideas, and probably force them on others by a desire to be more important.  You also suggest things in the fashion of the ‘idea man’.  " Hey, everyone think of something-  I’ll just make the thread and be the supercool one who came up with it xd "

    You even admit you haven’t played enough to have any idea what you’re talking about.

    That combined with your stupid quote and the fact that you even had ‘kid’ in your name tells me that you’re an unpopular student, probably nerdy due to your interest in video games.

    Plus:  [ColaRP]Purple Raven

    You’re in a clan for RPing.  Escapism much?

    Now get the fuck out.

    Edit:  Don’t bother telling me I’m hypocritical because of my name, I didn’t come up with it.  :uglylaugh:

    Edit2: Age: 14

    Also, hi Tyler Drew, from Tomball TX.  Is this your mom?

    Deanna B Drew
    14903 Cactus Wren Dr
    Tomball, TX 77377
    Age: 45-49

    Jesus, you have a lot to learn about the internet, kid.

    holy christ shut the fuck up

  • (832) 559-1959

    Is it okay if I call and hit on your mom?

    And AtomiC, I don’t like him  :mellow:

    I’m done though.

  • Nobody cares, you’re still a fucking idiot

  • Pyramid Head, full of drunken rage.  :happy:

    (AtomiC’s picture fits perfectly here)

  • Pyramid Head sure is a tough guy

  • omg say that 2 my faic u r probly jus 11 years old :pissed: :pissed: :pissed:

  • @AtomiC:

    Nobody cares, you’re still a fucking idiot

    For once i have to agree with you fag.

  • He got banned? Thank you to whoever banned him. It was horrible playing on the server with him and his lil fag buddys that did the same thing.

  • He’s not banned from the servers, and there’s almost nothing you can do in TTT to get you banned, aside from hacking.

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