Zs: Redemption option

  • There should be a redemption option whether you choose to redeem or not.

  • There should be a redemption option whether you choose to redeem or not.

  • Agreed. I don’t want to redeem on Noir just to die again and have my brain count reset.

    If I may add to this suggestion, make this option adjustable through the F4 menu rather than a box that pops up asking if you want to redeem or not.

  • But ok. You would die anyway when u redeem.

  • The objective of the game is to survive. Optional redeem misses the point.

  • zs_noir comes around, players go zombie and try and get zombie 1st. round ends on wave 1 in 2 minutes.
    final destination.

  • I always thought it was because it was very easy for zombies to get into the human spawn room and kill spawning humans. A smart zombie can easily redeem in the first minute of the game just from afks or people defending the afks. Also difficult to get a cade together, because people keep needing to get in, and a small room = people keep humping the cader when he’s trying to open/close a cade.

    Also grayscale makes it annoying as hell to work out which nails need repairs because they’re all grey.

  • You need to repair the grey nails, duh. Also, maps that have a human spawn that’s very close to zombie spawn are very hard to win, due to spawning players dying instantly. On noir especially, both of the doors to human spawn are within zombie gas range.

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