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Reactor15: The Trip


    Just your average terrible round of reactor15 viewed in a new perspective.


    Just your average terrible round of reactor15 viewed in a new perspective.

  • Good song. Would have been more interesting if you had strafed at times to see what was going on below.

    I would like to fix reactor, but i struggle to think what else i can do to it. Tetris zombies make impossible.

  • Instead of dealing massive damage to humans trying to cross the river of sludge, make it more obvious that the stairs do eventually open. Go even as far as to make it impossible for humans to leave the little island yet still allow zombies to climb over whatever wall there is.

  • Yeah. I did leave game_text AND signs saying that it hurts them. Whoever said ZS is the equivalent of internet playgroup was right.

  • Maybe have the pile of shit on the stairs explode at the very beginning of wave 1.

  • Yeah that’s true. Originally it was designed so that humans would be trapped there for part of wave 1, so as to 1. have a frantic survival start 2. whittle down human numbers a bit.

    With new zombie super-buffs the humans get “whittled down” a bit too fast i guess. IMO any fix will require the top spawns to be locked till at least wave 4.

  • @Zincoshine:

    Just your average terrible round of reactor15 viewed in a new perspective.

    I was recording too, although I wasnt aware of it at the time.  :cry:

  • 1. Players feel the urge to ascend quickly, they will go through the sludge to get to the top faster. Half the players loose half their hp early.
    2. The few players that wait by the stairs don’t pay attention to the loaders or anyone behind them.
    3. Zombies kill the loading players.  A quarter of the players are dead.
    4. The people waiting at the stairs are over powered. Half the players are dead.
    5. The people who climbed early are all injured, some slip off the ladders and die. 5/8th are dead.
    6. Fast zombies get the few runners and ceiling exploiters.
    7. Rarely if a handful of people barricaded the top, they die wave 4.

  • Neko is pretty much right. Also make it so the stairs at zombies spawn have to be opened at wave 2 aswell, this way zombies only have one way to get to spawning players and don’t fuck them from above. ie Humans can shoot them and have a chance of survival. Spawn on the roof should be removed as you can use the pipe to get there anyways.

  • Run thru sludge, then pick a loadout that modifies your maximum health. Then run around for 10 minutes, then die.

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