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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • How is the game and is it worth buying?

    If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a horror game without any combat, true to its genre.

  • How is the game and is it worth buying?

    If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a horror game without any combat, true to its genre.

  • I watched some gameplay videos of it and it’s really some scary shit.
    I mean, it’s really “scary”.
    Not dead space scary, or doom or fear scary. It really fucks with your mind.

  • shit’s scary

  • There’s a demo on steam that I haven’t had the opportunity to try out yet.

  • Looks pretty damn good, I’m going to try it out, thanks for showing me.

  • F.E.A.R. shouldn’t be a horror game, neither should Doom 3, Dead Space just has some pop-ups that gets old fast.

    This is, unlike those, scary. Quite obvious but it’s true.

  • The no combat part is to scare the player more, you’re completely defenceless and you actually have to use your brain to survive. You also have to keep track of your sanity, yeah I played the demo and you should if you like horror games.

  • Oh god, I will probably buy this for sure. Scared the shit out of me.
    I had to take a rest after the first 10-15 minutes, first game to scare me that much in ages.

  • @Zincoshine:

    Why would you buy this when you can download Nightmare house 2 for free? At least that has combat and is brick-shitting scary.

    I really hope you’re joking, all scariness disappear the moment you get a gun.

  • My gun did nothing to uboa.

  • Because of your incapability of finding the way in a semi puzzle game? Seriously?

    Get real.

  • Buy dead space, you’ll like it

  • The game started to shit itself in terms of quality and atmosphere the closer it got to it’s budget limit, but out of all of their horror games, it was probably their best. What little enemies they had were great at scaring you shitless, and the lore hidden around the castle was a great touch in exploration.

  • It’s was alright, but really boring most of the time. They keep making enemies more and more impossible to avoid, in Penumbra, you could kill them, in Black Plague- you could outrun them and stun them, now you can’t stun them unless you throw a huge item at them, and they run faster than you- you also collapse onto the floor if you look at them too long, maybe 20 seconds, you also collapse if you stay in the dark too long, so basically you need to somehow stay in the light, hide from them, and not look at them all at once. The enemies are also slow as fuck so you’re gonna wait a long time for them to patrol and they get stuck on the tiniest props but get unstuck the instant you try to get away.

    It was scary in the way that you don’t want to die because you can’t defend yourself, but after the first death by an enemy it just becomes frustrating because you can’t do shit besides wait for them to leave the room, they never find you unless you have your light on and are standing in plain sight. There weren’t any new puzzles, jam a prop in a gap- open the door, throw a prop at something, mix potions, the same stuff Penumbra had but in a castle pretty much.

  • I tend to avoid games that v shits itself over.

  • @Modestyiswimpy:

    a horror game without any combat, true to its genre.

    I thought of Penumbra black plague.

    Made by same people, i love their games.

  • I played the demo, needless to say it was pretty scary.

    I’m still considering buying it.

  • Banned

    Pirate it.

  • nooo then the developer will whine about it.

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