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Final Fantasy XIV

  • shit sucks

  • shit sucks

  • It’s so slow.

    Online RPGs get worse and worse.

  • I almost completed the first quest, then i died of tedium.

  • The advertising campaign they have for it is hilarious in irony.

  • it sucked since alpha

  • So i used my light shot on the spiny dormouse for 7 damage, which in turn retaliated with nutkick for 1589, and i died ughghgh.

  • The main quest sucks but its not too long so its good to keep grinding it for the free 30000 gil on completion. I thought levequests were typical of almost every mmo ever released but they are limited to 8 then you have to wait 1-2 days for it to reset before you can do anymore which sucks for basement dwellers that want millions of gil and xp in one day. The job changing thing is pretty good as you only have to change weapons/tools to change job and phys exp is gained on all jobs so leveling up quickly is easier and slightly less grind unless you only do one job.

    The menus/controls/hud are difficult and annoying because they lag whenever you try to scroll using your mouse making it tedious to enter in a recipe for crafting, the elevators require you to watch a cinematic which takes longer to use than the stairs would and the way they were going to improve these problems was to add an X to each menu in the top right corner and ignore the elevator problem completely also the combat is difficult but at least you can try to do more damage by attacking from the rear instead of just hitting one button all the time and sometimes you can dodge attacks depending where you are in the battle (apparently the best vendor weapon is a level 14 bow in Girdania).

    This is a big improvement compared to their last final fantasy online.

  • I completed the starter quest “the colour of evil” for 10k gil, then it just leaves me high and dry.  I want to continue doing quests but i get no direction.

    I get no explaination on how to do any of the skills, theres a couple of tutorial levequests, which are a start, but i can’t do the honey one because i assume you need a hatchet or something to cut down a tree and i can’t even find a place this sells them - of course it doesn’t tell you any of this before you begin, or give you the tools to complete the quests when you start.

    I’m in girdinia and have a big 14k longbow, but i’m restricted to a small area of forest because i just get killed if i try to explore the greater area, i can’t exit the north of the city because why (quest probably that i don’t know where to start).

  • Another grinding game? They never learn

  • What do you mean “they never learn”? WoW, Everquest and Guild Wars all have millions of players.

  • @Zetanor:

    What do you mean “they never learn”? WoW, Everquest and Guild Wars all have millions of players.

    Guild Wars was never a grind.

  • @Zetanor:

    What do you mean “they never learn”? WoW, Everquest and Guild Wars all have millions of players.

    except none of those games are grinds more than just speed bumps

  • WoW still is a grind, I doubt that Sony updated Everquest so it also still is and Guild Wars is just a different kind of grind.

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