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Event: Clash of the Titans

  • Thanks to Carline for the fantastic banner.

    Time: 8pm GMT  (3pm EST)
    Date: Saturday 21st August

  • Thanks to Carline for the fantastic banner.

    Time: 8pm GMT  (3pm EST)
    Date: Saturday 21st August

  • A little about the event:
    For this event I have tried to make the overall result a team affair, but still keep the games small
    and winnable through the player’s skill.  It features 4 teams who will then put forward players to a variety of
    mini-games, the team with the most points wins.
    It should be both fun and fair; there will be won contest awards for all members of the winning team, and gold
    stars for the rest.

    The teams:
    The players will be split up into 4 teams; Vulcan (red), Apollo (blue), Fortuna (yellow), and Gaia (green).

    Each team will consist of 5 players, a captain, a player piece, and 3 others (each role will be discussed later).
    The teams will be decided on a first come, first serve basis,
    HOWEVER you may sign up here on the forums to avoid disappointment, teams will be RANDOMLY assigned.
    If you are not there when the teams are selected you will be replaced.
    The captain of each team will be chosen randomly after the teams have been decided; however the team’s player
    piece may be selected by the captain.

    The event:
    The event will be played out by the player piece rolling a dice in game; the resulting number will then
    be the number of steps the piece must take around a simple yet strategic game board.
    The colour of square the player piece lands on will then determine which mini-game will be played by
    ALL teams (more on the mini-games later).
    Some events will require the whole team to play, and others just one or two members,
    the decision of which players to be put forward ultimately rests with the captain.
    PLEASE NOTE, each player on the team must complete a single/double event before a player can
    compete in his second event (team games do not count towards this) i.e. everyone must get an equal turn.
    If it takes longer than 30 seconds to select your team’s player at this point, then one of the eligible players
    will be randomly chosen, so please have a selection in mind beforehand.
    Each event will yield a point for the winning team, the first team to 10 points wins the event (I want the
    event to last about 2-3 hours, so this value is liable to change, so please don’t feel cheated on the day.)
    ADDITIONALLY i have introduced an option whereby when a team lands on a mini-game that
    has already been played, the team captain can choose to SKIP or PLAY the game.

    The game board:
    The game board consists of 10 different coloured squares, each specific to a mini-game, there are also:

    Barrel spaces – A player piece that lands on this square will receive a bonus point
    (please note that this can’t be the winning point).

    Clock spaces – When the event on this space is played out, an extra player on each team will be introduced.

    The coloured squares are:

    White - No mini-game  =(
    Red - Rollermine Survival (team)
    Dark Blue – Team Arena (team)
    Yellow – Skip Arena (team)
    Light Green – Bouncing Bettie Maze (team)
    Cyan – Human Pyramids (team)
    Purple – Tower 2 (double)
    Black – Digsite (single)
    Pink – Bunny Hop Sprint (single)
    Dark Green – Rat Race (single)

    The mini-games (probably advantageous to familiarise yourself with this):
    Rollermine survival – You’ve probably played it before, a frantic last man standing survival
    game as you attempt to crawl around a maze avoiding rollermines.
    Team Arena** – A team deathmatch game, each team starts in their own corner, and are then
    released into a MELEE weapon filled playing area containing a dominating central structure which
    holds a pistol at it’s highest level.

    Skip Arena – Another last man standing survival game where it’s every man for himself as
    you attempt to jump over a rotating log, with nowhere to go, it’s only a matter of time…
    Bouncing bettie maze** – If you don’t know what a bouncing bettie is, you’ll soon find out.  Akin
    to rollermine survival, but bigger.
    Human pyramids – This entirely teamwork based game (uh oh) requires the team to build a human
    pyramid in order to take their crowbars up to the top level and pop their teams coloured balloon, first
    team to do so wins.
    Tower 2** – This game requires a team of 2 to scale a short obby tower, first player to reach the
    cage at the end wins his team a point!  And yes, there will be crowbars involved.  However killing other
    players before they are onto an obstacle is strictly prohibited, aka NO SPAWNKILLING.
    Digsite – This fast and frantic gamemode will pit 2 players against each other in a crowbar fuelled
    search through a pyramid of wardrobes in order to find the golden chair, first player to sit down will
    win.  Red will play blue first, followed by yellow versus green.  The winners of each match will then
    play in order to see who wins the point.

    Bunny hop sprint – This skill based game will require a player from each team to race along
    identical tracks side by side, attain the crowbar at the end, and then race back in order to pop their
    balloon.  First team to pop their balloon wins.  If you fall you will respawn back at the start with your
    balloon, and no crowbar!

    Rat race – This exciting gamemode will require each player to race around a tight track of twists
    and turns within the confines of the arena, the jeeps which the players will be using have been no collided
    with each other in order to maximise the effect of the driver’s skill.  The first teams car to the end of
    the track wins.

    **Randomly Selected Teams:

    Mischief (captain)

    Mayhem (captain)

    Joo (captain)
    Weapon Master

    The 1 Flame
    Chili (captain)
    CC 31 xd**

    Subs (in order):
    Big Brother
    The Security
    The Alpha Frag

  • What’s up with the ugly timeroller faces?

  • Sounds fun, I’m in.

  • Looking good :)

  • I’d like to participate.

  • Sounds like fun, I’ll take part if thats alright.

  • I’m definitely in.

  • I would like to be part of this event.

  • When you figure out the date, I’ll join depending.

  • I want to participate.  :uglylaugh:

  • I guess i will play :)

  • I guess I’m in too.

  • i’ll register.

  • Registering.

  • Im in

  • 1flame, what is your in game alt?

    or is it just The 1 Flame =0

  • i’m up for it

  • I’m in.

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