Make the Dragoon available to everyone

  • Or fix the Warrior Award.

    I killed up to 12 people in one life and I’m pretty sure they were alive for more than 10 seconds.

  • Or fix the Warrior Award.

    I killed up to 12 people in one life and I’m pretty sure they were alive for more than 10 seconds.

  • Not supported anymore.

  • don’t worry you can just watch me fly around and hack/slash/KABOOOM people all day long.

  • I see a dragoon pull up and is about to bomb me…


    …wait for it… wait for it…

    zo du


    I never did get that Wizard fight with Blue.Frog from the other day though. We kept winding up on the same team. Seriously though Dragoon is legit.

  • Nah I love being one of the few people with dragoon

  • You rarely play Dragoon though except when you’re beating on newbies.

  • That’s because dragoon sucks
    except vs. archers

  • The one major strength that a warrior has as a class is the inability to use magic and yet the ability to stop magic users. A Dragoon sacrifices all of that for magic and winds up weaker than warriors and casters and Conjurors, Wizards, Dark Mages, Templars, Mages, and Warriors can flat out nullify a Dragoon with little to no effort.

  • Pretty much, block and warcry them away until dragoon flies away then harpoon them back for a critical hit.

  • Casters can just slow and invert missle of magic spam then kite with whatever skills and counterspell that long range attack they have.

  • Dragoons aren’t supposed to be fighting people, they’re supposed to be harassing crafters and destroying props then flying away whenever some other class gets close.

  • There are so many classes that do it far better.

  • The only other classes with that kind of mobility are the ones with teleport and they’re reliant on mana. When they fly to the other side of the map they don’t have to find mana stones to be ready for combat, and they can freely fly around in combat with no mana cost and can fly away without having to worry about people following them through teleports.

    They are pretty situational, but on maps where mana is limited due to lots of magic users or bad maps, they can be a better choice than a magic user assuming the others know what they’re doing.

    As for making dragoons being made available to everything, I really think that letting entire teams play at this would be a bad idea.

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