Unban request: [ZCN] Apwn in the dark

  • So instead of just recording a demo, leaving the game and posting a ban request on the forums, you would rather grief the rest of the humans who not only were winning the game, but most of them had nothing to do with the situation. That’s your fault you got banned :king:

  • Apwn does have a point though, the server is filled with people throwing shit at each other in the later hours and it gets out of hand more often than you would think.

  • so we just need an admin to be playing at those hours don’t we?

  • Either you buy nails to use them for a barricade or you don’ buy a hammer at all. If you don’t want people stealing your nails, don’t put them down in a useless spot, rather use them for where the main barricade requires it. Why not agree to not ruin the game again by going “gimme me nails back i want them NOW!”

    And yes, things get out of hand with griefing when no admins are on, but by you griefing and ruining the whole game doesn’t make it better.

  • lmao the joke is this guy got banned in the first place for an issue that shouldn’t even exist. fix the game mechanic not the players.

    fyi “NO BARRICADE DISASSEMBLE!!” seems like the equivalent of “NO RDM!!” on a TTT/RP server, honestly, it’s no better. nails should be player-specific to prevent crap like this.

    lmao nvm [ZCN]

  • i hope thats not you in your avatar because you are fucking  :uglylaugh:

    ZCN cant cade.

  • Unban request denied because you said it yourself: There were definitely some innocent bystanders that game.

    I will look over the chatlogs and if I can find proof that someone did actually steal your nails then that person will be dealt with. That’s why I want to see your fraps video because the demo doesn’t show the act.

    So I looked over the chatlogs and can’t find something solid on who exactly took your nails. Do you actually have a video?

  • Well, I read the ban request for pwn and it seems like instead of quiting, reporting, and getting the nail stealers banned, he just grieved the ENTIRE team. GJ.

  • Do you actually have a video?

    Yes, but if it won’t get me unbanned, then I’d rather just let them wreak 48 hours of havoc to highlight your ineptitude. Your little Gestapo shouldn’t need my help identifying griefers, so find your informant elsewhere.

    So I looked over the chatlogs and can’t find something solid on who exactly took your nails.

    Really? But an obviously incomplete demo of me ‘stealing’ nails seems solid to you? Despite the fact that I have used this name for 2 years, ‘lead’ a ‘clan’, and have no other offenses on file? Does looking at the big picture give you a headache or something?

    I wrote 2 very large posts, yet you refuse to acknowledge any of my questions, claims, or evidence. Since you are obviously incapable of arbitrating complex situations, or weighing more than 2 facts at a time, I’m done here until you manage to address 1 or more of my points.

    Edit @ Kelly Chambers

    Yea thats me. Do you really have a mustache like the 1 in your photograph? Most of you gamer girls tend to be trolls, so its a serious question. gbitk, fa

  • @ApwnInTheDark:

    Q. What do you make of the above quoted?

    I read the above quotes, and no where did anyone actually say they took your nails.

    Q. What would my FRAPS video do that a demo recording wouldn’t?

    A fraps or a demo of someone stealing your nails would have sufficed. But neither was shown.

    Q. Did you find any inconsistencies in my explanation?

    I found no inconsistencies, neither did I see proof.

    Q. If you didn’t, then why was I not given the benefit of the doubt?

    Because I don’t give benefit of the doubt, I don’t ban until I see proof of the action and a steamid concurrent with the event.

    Q. What do you plan to do about nail theft?

    Gameplay issues are resolved by Jet, but if someone is stealing your nails or using nails for malicious use then it can be and usually is punishable.

    I read over both your posts, acknowleged all of your questions, and even gave you the right to place a punishment request on the people you claim to have wronged you. You declined that opportunity and instead continued to fight for an unban when YOU even know what you did was wrong. Thread locked. Unban request denied.

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