World of Tanks

  • I would play if the game would fucking run, first I needed to download a d3dx9_42.dll and now when I try to start the game it crashes as soon as a hear a bit of sound.

    Edit: Just sent a support ticket and what do you know, the page is in Russian…

  • The artillery is a bit overpowered right now, being able to one hit just about anything if you stand still for 3 seconds or more. Otherwise everything else seems pretty balanced.

  • Change your computers sound quality down to 48k, Once you get a tank with armor it will take a couple howlitzer shots to take you down.

  • how do I get gold aniways ?

  • I think you have to play a certain amount of time a day, I’ve gotten 300g so far and have turned it all into credits.

  • Apparently they hand out some at 8 P.M. EST everyday for the beta.

  • I wouldn’t mind getting the game if someone got a key for me, because hurr personal information.

  • Everything can be fake on that site except your email address, because its free you don’t need to put in any credit card/paypal information.

  • Good to know. I’ll try to get this running on my better computer in a couple of days then.

  • I just 1-shotted Steve Renolds with an artillery round at close range

  • That was because my crewmen in charge of reloading was knocked unconscious so i couldn’t shoot you as i had planned.

  • Thanks. That was a lot faster than waiting weeks for them to accept a beta application.

  • You get 150 gold every day, but you need to play atleast 1 battle in that day.

    SPGs arent overpowered, try playing as them. SPG players have to keep watching their flanks non-stop and if they have no tanks protecting them and a light or medium tank sneaks throught a flank or the middle, then the SPG is screwed unless you get a lucky direct shot againist that tank.

    Also, SPGs can’t 1shot every tank. I’ve seen Bison fail at blowing up a Maus several times (well duh logically, Maus is 2nd strongest tank in the game, after IS-7).

    And why do you even need to fill out anything? I found a site where all you do is register an account without providing any details other than your e-mail address and logically username and password and you can get a free key. Google is your god damn friend.

    PaperJack, I’ll honestly tell you that you’re shit, not the game. You played 2 god damn rounds in one of the weakest tanks in the game (in my opinion, 2nd weakest, after MS-1) and you’re complaining about it being shit? Are you dumb? You wanted to start the game in an IS-7 or what? If everyone would start in powerful tanks, then you would be complaining about how unfair it is that you can’t blow any tank up alone cause everyone has a same tier tank.

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