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TTT awards

  • No peeking: As a traitor kill an innocent with a sniper rifle or knife right before they identify an unidentified corpse.

  • they have to be achievements.

    cop killer - kill 50 cops as T
    no suspicion - win round as T without losing a single bit of damage

  • @Blunt:

    Traitor to the Traitors
    kill your traitor buds when you’re a traitor and win the round

    This would only encourage team killing.

  • But I do this all the time to confuse everyone. Even as a traitor, you still have to look out for stealth traitors.

  • Banned


    This would only encourage team killing.

    Is it a bad thing?

  • troll award - troll someone in twelve year old town till they ragequit

  • @bloodfox1222:

    “I picked it up from a traitor honest”
    Pick up ten tator weapons from dead traitors

    Get killed after picking up a traitor weapon.

    Awards are supposed to be somewhat difficult to get + these are just beyond stupid.

                    get the fuck out.

    Blow up 150 C4’s.

    Hanging Party
    Hang 20 bodies, and have innocents unrope each body, you being alive for each one.

    Im not a noob
    Successully send 200 non-quickchat chat messages over 20 characters long in one map change.

    Where are you?
    Spend 3 minutes in a row 2000 units away from any other alive player.

  • @Blunt:

    m4 how old are you? 14? have you ever smoked a blunt? who gives a fuck about prop 19 i smoke weed anyway. it makes me feel good in ways you dont understand kid. your missin out ]

    I’m 15 :(

    Also, I thought M4 Sherman was permanently muted everywhere forever, even on the forums?
    Anyhoo, I’ve got one:

    Anti-Trigger Finger
    Keep 1000 or more karma from when the map starts up to when it changes.

  • That award could be achieved easily.  All you would have to do is run in circles every round until the map change.  Maybe you could specify that the player needs to achieve at least five kills during the round as well, and there have to be eight players in the server.

    When you’re coming up with achievements, always remember that someone will try to get it the easy way.

  • Banned

    Go to 0 karma from 1000 and back to 1000 in 1 map.

  • Ragequit:  Have someone you killed disconnect while spectating.

    Deity Cervidae:  Have five people you killed disconnect while spectating.

    These would be tracked across all maps, have to be different people.

  • Don’t shoot (including planting bombs/throwing grenades etc) for 1 whole round

  • TTT awards are stupid…

  • Why not just play the game?

  • Why not leave a thread alone?

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