Map suggestions for zs and ttt

  • Map Suggestions for TTT:

    • de_grocerystore_v3_beta
    • de_star
    • zm_ghs_abdandon_mall
    • zm_hauntedmanor_v1
    • zm_little_city_v6
    • zm_lv426
    • zm_mall_beta
    • zm_neko_dark_v2_fix2
    • zm_subway_b3
    • zs_apartmentruins
    • zs_area17_v1
    • zs_forgotten_city_b6
    • zs_forgotten_town
    • zs_fortis_final
    • zs_korsakovia
    • zs_livehouse
    • zs_mines_b3
    • zs_residentevil_v2
    • zs_school (I’m not sure which version would be best for TTT. The night version might suit the theme of TTT more though.)
    • zs_sector4
    • zs_seige_opt3
    • zs_subversive_v1
    • zs_town_b1_7
    • zs_viruslabs_remake_v2

    Map that might work:

    • zm_distant (Might be too small)
    • zm_westwood_final (Might be too small)
    • zs_reactor15_b4 (Maybe)
    • zs_uglyfort_v3 (Pre-placed barricades will have to be taken down. Also might be too small)
    • zs_equilibre (Thin walkways)
    • cs_newoffice_final_v3 (Too plain)

  • All the suggested map you just stated all seem good except for a few things

    little city has a lot of secrets
    lv426 has the dumb doors
    fortis has an out of the map exploit
    mines has the dumb trigger hurt
    siege_opt3 has some RSO spawns and siege_opt4 seems better

    Distant would be fine if the sewers are not blast doored
    reactor15_b4 has the timed explosion, maybe an eariler version. It still wouldn’t be a good map since people would fall and get mad, like in zs.
    New office would also work fine

  • @The:

    De_haunt seems good for zs, only thing is hallways. If it were to be added, it would be extremely unique and somewhat fun in it’s own way of a scary map, and very detailed. This can be good for both zs and ttt.

    I only noticed two long hallways in the map. One of which WAY overpowered which can easily be blastdoored (the genie area of the ride, there’s a little shaft that if you follow it leads you to this massively long one way hallway). And the other hallway is not really a problem because it has three paths leading to it and it’s really not long at all and can be attacked from the front and back.

  • Also,
    I thought this would make a really good map for zs if it had actual doors and more props.

  • boo house is on the server.  :action-smiley-081:

  • Sorry, I’m banned.

  • I really would have figured SOMEONE would have skycaded underneath the trigger-hurt bridge and won by now.

  • Sorry, I’m banned.

    lol i know, keep up the good work.

  • ttt_lost_temple should be removed, or at least fixed, as apparently there’s a hidden player clip in the spike hole that you can just hide in there to the end of the round

  • radar + c4 can fix that for any smart traitor

  • The manor map looks really fun

  • go on

  • Manor would be a fun zs map, convert it.

  • If We do add manor, the porn room should be the Zombie Spawn. Imagine all the little kids who want to look a porn?

  • You mean like TheAlphaFrag?

  • The last two are fucking enormous, screw them, we’d spend the whole round in a single room an never see the rest of the map, and people would get lost and die everywhere.

  • While I’d love to see de_haunt added simply because I’ve been to the actual attraction multiple times, I don’t think it’s very realistic in terms of being a zs map without pretty significant modifications.

  • de_haunt would make a better TTT map than a ZS map frankly

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