Fire arrow

  • Do you think fire arrow is overpowered? Discuss.

  • Do you think fire arrow is overpowered? Discuss.

  • People still play Teamplay!?

    Regardless, Archer is ezmode via fire arrow spam. Same how wizard is easy by just spamming shock, or conj with pixie spam (If the target has no inversion spell)

    One of those ‘Deal with it’ things.

  • So how is it overpowered when only a few people can actually even play archer in the first place? You ever see any people that are good at archer?

  • You, Salt, and about 2 others. Doesn’t change the fact that you can be effective by just spamming an AoE enchant and firing away.

  • Isn’t the rationale be “if it’s overpowered, then everyone would use it”?

  • It’s no worse than any wizard spamming firebolt or whatever.

  • @Skiazo:

    Isn’t the rationale be “if it’s overpowered, then everyone would use it”?

    Pretty much. Either overpowered or just spammy and useful. Not saying Fire Arrow is OP, but it fills the spammy criterion.

  • Well I think the fault is in the class itself. Let’s take a look at all the arrows.

    Lightning arrow - decent, but has bugged hitboxes. Costs lots of mana and not generally good for close range.

    Sprite - Basically useless.

    Bouncer - Basically useless.

    Silver - Great for wizards. No damage. I usually spam it against wizards.

    Scatter - Decent. Only for close range? Only 2 arrows hit anyways, unless you’re right next to the person and they’re not moving.

    Grapple - Useless for combat.

    Vamp - Another great arrow. Good for combat.

    So if you take the general info, you only have 3 arrows left that you can use for combat. Fire, Vamp, and Silver. Only two of them even do damage, and one of them has AoE. So with 3 limited arrows, I don’t understand why people complain about spam.

  • Lightning - Dunno. This just relies on aim and luck.

    Sprite - Spammable. Fire in general direction, watch target dance for you.

    Bouncer - This was only viable with Gun Mage. Bouncing arrows are just awkard and hardly useful.

    Silver - Useful for dispelling debuffs heading your way. Even more if you can aim with it.

    Scatter - Cone is far too wide, and you really have to get close to make it effective, and if you fuck up, you’re in deep shit anyway.

    Grapple - Only to make GMod9 old players happy. But it does have its merits, and it has earned it’s way into my heart.

    Vamp - Agreed.

    People complain about spam simply because it’s only those 3 arrows they see coming, instead of variety. Wizards would fit this area, except they seem to fit into different areas, such as Ebolt+Mana Drain bind wizards, Shock spam wizards, and Blue.Frog.

  • No, sprite usually just goes around the person unless they’re moving.
    even then, firing a normal arrow that fucking actually has a chance to hit and saving 30 mana sounds better to me.

  • Editted, forgot Lightning. Again, spammable. It makes the target focus on dodging a homing missile, rather than going for you. Atleast I do.

    Also blame Garry. Can be applied to Fire Sprites.

    And that’s if you can aim. Not many can.

  • remove retro teamplay. problem solved.

  • Warrior is only class that requires skill

  • Well, I don’t think archers are OP, because they have to have better aim than wizards for example to just heal themselves.

  • @Heart:

    remove new teamplay. problem solved.


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