[redundant] gm_noxgrass_final by extreme56

  • To do:

    Fix any and all issues in gm_noxgrass_v4. (Either me or Extreme56)

  • To do:

    Fix any and all issues in gm_noxgrass_v4. (Either me or Extreme56)

  • This is bad because people spam shit underwater mods/admins will have a hard time locating the lag.

  • Cheap water reflects only the nearest cubemap, basic reflections/world only, whereas expensive water reflects anything in your vision in real-time along with refracting everything beneath the cutoff line. The texture in your map now is average. It’s real-time but doesn’t refract underwater models.

    I don’t know if you can find a clear/fog-less texture or not, but you can use a func_disposer in the water that admins can activate to remove forgotten contraptions underwater.

  • trigger_remove*

  • admin rooms are dumb

    hello welcome to the noxiousnet RP map it has a super amazing admin room !!

  • @Zincoshine:

    You’re relatively correct grammar but horrible spelling and smilies say otherwise.
    No, you clearly don’t.
    u mad?
    because it already is.
    You don’t even know what a skybox is.
    That can’t be done, and this would only be an issue if you are trying to use my map on your own server.
    it is nearly maximum size I might consider doing that.
    Jet doesn’t want an underground what?
    she can watch porn instead I guess.
    Yeah, in fact I have about 5 bookmarks
    .Stop lying, stop crying, and if you have any suggestions for the current map make them in the [WIP] gm_noxgrass_v3 thread. I will take your hill suggestion into consideration.


    what whit that ?`whit the Protection

    for Selfish people 0 is off 1 is on so ;)

    omg a admin room ??? wtf zzz is useless

    woa 1 hill :3 ur genius good yes but still not enought make more -.-
    oya ur a real life loser get a life when u speak so gliberish to a older people pffff

  • good…

    i am checking for more problems in the map and o ya what i am now ? i am a Adv. mapper for u…

    what ever i am looking now

  • got some big bugs ^^ i know how to get in the damin room so and the Prop destroy u must make a prop_remove
    there some pics:

    and the other problem

  • and one bug the water is white if u know this… =P

  • Zinco, he’s having the issue because he’s using DirectX 8.

    I don’t know about you, but to me it would be pretty counter-productive to go and pursue fixing the water just so people with 7 year old computers can see it.



    admin rooms are dumb

    hello welcome to the noxiousnet RP map it has a super amazing admin room !!


    Make the arena modular with an admin booth. Have buttons for turning certain things on or off. They should be off by default. Have some kind of floor design.

    * func_analog_water on/off
        * Goal posts on/off
        * Closed func_doors on each side that damage on block.
        * Whatever else you can think of.

  • no i am using DX9c normal i use DX10

    o ya the Pics are only a miniature my screen is 22" and i got a GeForce Sparkle GTX285 now u know ^^

    my pc is new ;) i creat it self whit 2970,…€ to many for it but it is a good pc ^^
    o ya that whit the 7 year old pc yes and no some people got a 7 year old pc but got a DX9 so please it can oly be the PCs whit windows Millenium ^^

  • @Zincoshine:

    That doesn’t look white at all. Make a screenshot of what it is like underwater.

    Um when i am unter what the screen is complete white
    it means full white all i see is a bit the life HUD

  • If the admin room is to be used during events, doesn’t the server lockdown take care of keeping people out of the room?

  • sry mate but this is not cool -.- this are only little things but u must know that…

    do u make this or not ?

    The Stone ok not so, but the sand why not Overlaps?

    Did u take the Arena in a Corner for Jetboom =O?

    dont know its J’s wish when he want the Arena in the middle but it looks ugly o.o’

    Then why its flying =O?

    too see more -.-`? you can make the plat form of glass… =D

    And this um nothing to say its like when i was away and i have drunk =/

    Please fix this Humanly Things

    and please dont be angry when i have things to say on the map =( but i was a long time in a mapper clan and i got this bad thing that i must say all this things

    Pnemesis From Austria

  • I can’t even fucking understand half of what you’re going on about

  • @JusticeInACan:

    I can’t even fucking understand half of what you’re going on about

    i am about on it that u uget a life :D
    only that he shall fix it when he is so good…

    Pnemesis From Austria

  • i dont like the normal texture too not =P

  • I’d like to see a fortress with a moat and working drawbridge in one corner of the map. The fortress doesn’t have to be overly complex. No real reason other than to add something that’s not flat ground. Other than that, the beach could look better.

  • Is that island useful at all?

    An pnemesis, stop talking like a fucking idiot.

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