Sam told me about this movie and I thought it was the most amazing timefuck ever

  • Also good luck understanding what happens in Primer by watching once

  • This movie is indeed awesome. Only had a $7,000 budget, too.

    Another good movie, just less sciencey and more philosophyey: “The Man From Earth”

  • That movie was fantastic, I recommend watching OldBoy.

  • I have it somewhere but i haven’t got time to watch it yet.

  • i shall watch it, although i didn’t think that moon one was great….

  • this one was pretty good, watched it with the g/f.

  • @JOHN:

    … with the g/f.


  • watched it, completely lost the plot when some guy i’d never heard of drove behind them drunk with a beard….i might have to watch again

  • It was their investor

  • When did Mr. Granger use the machine?

  • Everywhen.

  • ya well those two charts are retarded. here is the proper explanation.

    ORIGINAL TIMELINE (never seen in the film)

    1: Abe1 discovers what the box does.

    2: Abe1 builds failsafe machine and turns it on.

    3: Abe1 builds a “general usage” box and uses it.

    4: Abe1 finds Aaron1 on the park bench and tells him about the box. Aaron1 has no earpiece. A second general usage box is made.

    5: That night, Robert has a birthday party where Rachel’s ex-boyfriend pulls out a shotgun. Abe and Aaron were not at the party.

    6: Abe1 and Aaron1 likely do some stock market stuff, though you never know for sure.

    7: At some point in the original timeline, Aaron1 discovers the failsafe hidden by Abe1. He’s angry that Abe1 could reset the timeline and, in essence, control Aaron1’s reality.

    General Note: Aaron2 is the narrator throughout the movie.

    [Aaron2 recalling his emotions as Aaron1 learning of the failsafe box]
    Aaron2: this is what I know for sure.
    Aaron2: the worst thing in the world is to know that the moment you are experiencing…
    Aaron2: has already been defined that this is the second…
    Aaron2: or third time through or whatever.

    8: Aaron1 takes one of the general usage boxes and folds it up into the failsafe. He then uses the failsafe, becoming Aaron2. Upon exiting the failsafe, he sets up his own presumably in a second locker. There are now two failsafes.


    1: Aaron2, back via failsafe, goes to original Aaron1’s home and drugs him and stuffs him in the attic.

    2: Abe1 meets Aaron2 at the park bench. Aaron2 has an earpiece and is recording all conversations.

    3: That night, Aaron2 goes to Robert’s birthday party. He knows what happens since he was told though he doesn’t know exactly how it goes down. He “rushes” the ex-boyfriend. Presumably it wasn’t perfectly executed.

    Aaron3 recalling first incident of “rushing” ex-boyfriend as Aaron2

    Abe2: He doesn’t fire?
    Aaron3: No. He didn’t fire.
    Abe2: He never fires?
    Abe2: Not Even when you rushed him?
    Aaron3: No. He didn’t.
    Aaron3: He didn’t the time I was [Aaron2] when I rushed him.
    Aaron3: And from what Robert tells you he didn’t do it tonight.
    Aaron3: He doesn’t have the nerve. We know everything.

    4: At this point we see how things progress as this is the bulk of the film.

    5: The night Abe1 wants to take Aaron2 to punch Platz, a Granger double appears. Abe1 panics as they have no idea how he learned about the boxes.

    6: Abe1 decides to use the failsafe, becoming Abe2. Aaron2 uses his own failsafe, becoming Aaron3.


    1: Aaron3, back via failsafe, goes to original Aaron1’s home. Aaron2 had already drugged the original Aaron1 and stuffed him in the attic. Aaron3 encounters Aaron2 and gets beat up by him. But Aaron3 explains to Aaron2 that he’s already done the recordings and already done the party, so he’s better equipped. Aaron2 agrees to leave.

    2. Aaron2 leaves to continue his day. At some point during the day Aaron2 calls Abe1 or Aaron1 (could be either) to relate the phone conversation which forms the narration of the movie. The primary purpose of the conversation is to counteract Abe2’s stated intent to sabotage the invention of the time machine, and maintain a reality line where it was successfully invented. At the end of his day, Aaron2 uses the failsafe to become Aaron3 as noted in TIMELINE 2.

    Aaron 2: “And that’s where I would have entered the story.”
    Aaron 2: “Or exited depending on your reference.”
    Aaron 2: “Because when [Aaron3] came back the second time it wasn’t so easy.”
    Aaron 2: “[Aaron3] wasn’t expecting me to put up a fight.”
    Aaron 2: “And by that time [Aaron3] was too exhausted to take me.”
    Aaron 2: “But for reasons that are only evident to me now…”
    Aaron 2: “I understood that [Aaron3] simply wanted it more.”
    Aaron 2: “That [Aaron3] just had more invested. So I left.”
    Aaron 2: “[Aaron 3] had already performed the task as I had intended to…”
    Aaron 2: “of recording the conversations of the day just in case.”
    Aaron 2: “Through that earpiece [Aaron 3] had a three-second lead on the world.”

    3: Abe2, back via failsafe, gases the original Abe1 and stuffs him in a closet.

    4: Abe2 meets Aaron3 at the park bench. Aaron3 has the earpiece and the recorded conversations. Abe2 faints from exhaustion as Aaron3 is responding improperly based on the recordings.

    5: Aaron3 explains to Abe2 what has happened.

    6: Aaron3 and Abe2 go to the party and Aaron3 attempts to do it “better”. Note that several iterations may have been required, leading to potential repetition TIMELINES 3.1, 3.2, etc.

    Aaron2: “I can tell you with certainty what I did that night when it was my turn.”
    Aaron2: “But I think it would do little good because what the world remembers…”
    Aaron2: “the actuality the last revision is what counts apparently.”
    Aaron2: “So how many times did it take [Aaron3]…”
    Aaron2: “as he cycled through the same conversations…”
    Aaron2: “lip-synching trivia over and over?”
    Aaron2: “How many times would it take before he got it right?”
    Aaron2: “Three? Four?”
    Aaron2: “Twenty?”

    7: After the “successful” resolution of the party situation, Aaron3 and Abe2 are shown having a conversation at the airport. Aaron3 wants to travel to a foreign country and presumably continue experiments with the time machine. Abe2 disagrees and states his intent to sabotage the original invention efforts of Abe1/Aaron1. Abe2 furthermore warns Aaron3 to stay away from Abe1, Aaron1, and Aaron1’s family.

    Aaron3: I know that things are bad okay?
    Aaron3: I know that you don’t agree with what I’ve done.
    Aaron3: I know that you’re upset.
    Aaron3: And to be honest I’m not too happy with you either right now.
    Aaron3: But you know that this is going to pass. Let’s just go.
    Aaron3: Let’s go somewhere where we don’t speak the language.
    Abe2: Aaron we don’t have the money back here…
    Abe2: and we’d have to steal our own passports.
    Aaron3: Money? We’ll make money.
    Aaron3: They have sports betting in Vegas. March Madness.
    Aaron3: We’ll make enough in one night to finance a thousand vacations.
    Aaron3: Passports. You know they’re not using theirs anyways.
    Aaron3: Now come on. I’m thinking Star City.
    Aaron3: Check out the cosmonaut training grounds.
    Abe2: I’m staying here.
    Aaron3: Why?
    Aaron3: they’ll be building their own boxes in another day.
    Aaron3: And yours [Abe1] already knows what they’ve built.
    Aaron3: You’re not going to be able to watch them forever.
    Abe2: “the box [Abe1] is building won’t work.”
    Abe2: “He’s got it wired wrong.”
    Aaron3: “And if they fix that…”
    Abe2: “I’ll start actually taking pieces out of it. It’s just a gimmick.”
    Abe2: “It doesn’t work anymore.”
    Abe2: “Your double will say they have to move on to something else.”
    Abe2: And mine will agree. They’re friends.
    Aaron3: You’re staying? Why?
    Aaron3: Why? Let’s see why would Abe stay?
    Aaron3: What possible reason could there be to be here?
    Aaron3: I guess that it just won’t go back far enough will it?
    Aaron3: Tell you what why don’t you take Kara and Lauren and put them in the box…
    Aaron3: and then you and Aaron can each keep a set and you can stop feeding off it.
    Abe2: Don’t come back.
    Aaron3: you can each keep a set and a hemisphere.
    Abe2: there hasn’t been a reason to show you what I’m capable of…
    Abe2: but I’m telling this you now. Go out there.
    Abe2: Do whatever the hell you want. there’s no way in the world I can stop you.
    Abe2: But don’t come back here…
    Abe2: and don’t come near them.
    Abe2: Any of them.

    8: Aaron3 is shown constructing a bigger box, for reasons the director intentionally leaves to the audience’s imagination.

    The reason we can conclude this is Aaron3 is that: (i) the figure in the last scene is logically the person who “went somewhere where he doesn’t speak the language”, (ii) we know the Abe speaking in that scene is Abe2, and (iii) the only Aaron to interact with Abe2 was Aaron3.

    Aaron2 effectively exits the story per the explanation in TIMELINE 3, item #2.

    The End.

  • Hey heart your version looks exactly like the one made by MBison from the Primer’s forums

  • O god my brain feels itchy … :wacko:…but im pretty sure i got it

  • you didn’t

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