NoXious RPG development logs

  • This is the development logs for the new RPG gamemode, codenamed “NoXious RPG”. This name is not being used. This thread is locked so post any discussions in the discussion thread here.

  • This is the development logs for the new RPG gamemode, codenamed “NoXious RPG”. This name is not being used. This thread is locked so post any discussions in the discussion thread here.

  • Removed spell words from casting.
    Holding attack or the appropriate casting key will hold the spell and letting go releases it so you can precast spells.
    Added some debug info as a temporary HUD.
    Made it so the elemental magic schools require above 0 skill to start casting their spells for a future initiation system.
    Added the first melee weapon group: Broad swords. Uses Blades skill. No attacks yet. Simple weapon item base finished and added.

  • Moved meta object extenders to separate files to reduce size and to not share a few server-side functions with dua miners.

  • Restarted the entire movements system (dodge and other such things) to start predicting as soon as the player presses the key or whatever instead of when the client notices the server-side entity being created. Should remove a whole ton of jerkiness with special movement.
    Added predicted framework to the broad sword base for different attacks. Using STATE reliable networking system for prediction.
    Added a heavy attack debug test to the sword. Triggered by holding down the primary attack button for 1/4 of a second. Freezes user for 1.5 seconds.
    Added a light attack debug test to the sword. Triggered by tapping the primary attack button. Possible accidental heavy trigger by laggers?

  • Added procedures for melee damaging.
    Gave individual weapons control of overriding and altering damage, hit behavior, based on the weapon group, weapon species or the weapon’s item data.
    Added optional weapon function: GetBaseMeleeDamage
    Added status and weapon hook: GetMeleeDamage. TEMP should be assigned to the call to GetBaseMeleeDamage or 0.
    Converted placeholder broadsword attacks to new modular system.

  • Added optional weapon function: GetBaseMeleeDamageType
    Added status and weapon hook: GetMeleeDamageType. TEMP is assigned to GetBaseMeleeDamageType call.
    Added weapon GetMeleeTargets function to override or hook base behavior of deciding what to hit.
    Added weapon MeleeHit function to override or hook base behavior for when an entity is hit.
    Melee weapons now do damage.

  • Added a voice set and group system similar to Zombie Survival’s.
    Moved SetSkin methods to data table variables.

  • Added a Test Mode. Players can set their skills via console command in this mode. Will be used during beta testing.
    Added a bow weapon type.
    Recoded knockdown to be more reliable on the client and responsive to key presses to get back up.
    Added sounds and animations to the sword prototype.
    Recategorized the spell schools and removed one school. Changed from Arcane, Fire, Cold, Storm, Earth to Arcane, Entropic, Aero, Void.

    SKILLS[SKILL_ARCANEMAGIC] = {Name = "Arcane Magic", Description = "Skill with Arcane magic, the magic of suggestive illusion.", Supplements = {[SKILL_INTELLIGENCE] = 0.25}, Default = SKILLS_DEFAULT}
    SKILLS[SKILL_ENTROPICMAGIC] = {Name = "Entropic Magic", Description = "Skill with Entropic magic, the usually offensive magic of creating or manipulating energy.", Supplements = {[SKILL_INTELLIGENCE] = 0.5}}
    SKILLS[SKILL_AEROMAGIC] = {Name = "Aero Magic", Description = "Skill with Aero magic, the magic of manipulating the natural state, structure, or chemistry of the environment.", Supplements = {[SKILL_INTELLIGENCE] = 0.5}}
    SKILLS[SKILL_VOIDMAGIC] = {Name = "Void Magic", Description = "Skill with Void magic, the magic of bending or altering the natural physical laws.", Supplements = {[SKILL_INTELLIGENCE] = 0.5}, Default = SKILLS_DEFAULT}

    Tons of undocumented changes.

  • On-screen HUD messages now stack if they’re the same. Example: “Thorn requires 5 Mana to cast (x5)” is shown if you try to cast Thorn 5 times with low mana.
    Added an item-hookable arrow projectile for use with bow-type weapons. For arrow items that have different properties such as attack power or enchantments, you can double click your arrow stack to set it as the default stack to load. If you don’t have a default stack set then the game will choose for you.
    Gold now shimmers on the ground.
    Added a simple guard animation for the sword.

  • Lua animations now have a power setting. Default is 1. Controls how much the animation moves the bones.
    Lua animations can now ‘fade out’ instead of instantly stopping. They now blend in to other animations just like a real model animation.

  • Added an animation for sword jump attack. The jump attack is a short burst of speed forward and downward that can hit multiple times.

  • Remade jump attack in to a charge attack to be more realistic and balanced. The attack can possibly hit 4 times for low damage.
    Added a guarding system for weapons. Individual weapons can decide if they can guard an attack or not and also override other weapon guards.
    Added a guard for the sword. It now has a quick slash, heavy slash, guard, and charge attack. An animation needs to be made for the heavy attack.

  • Added status and weapon hooks for when a player is hit by melee attacks.
    Added hit resets for weapons. Getting hit with melee resets the victim’s attack timers. It also unstuns them if they are stunned and cancels any spell casting.
    Arrow damage is now based mostly on velocity. Archers have an advantage from higher ground!

  • Coded up the bow prototype weapon.
    Added support for character skill, charging, and item callbacks to the bow weapon.
    Added third person by pressing the walk key. This is not final.
    Knock down no longer uses Player.Freeze in order to allow KeyPress hooks to go through. Movement is still locked via the Move hook.
    Being knocked down reduces your ground friction.
    Being knocked down reduces damage taken by 30%.

  • Bows are less accurate with less bow skill.
    Strength determines how hard you can fire an arrow.
    Arrow damage is no longer calculated by skill level. It now only uses velocity.
    Using melee weapons skills you up now.
    Melee weapon damage is now based on weapon skill and strength. The amount of damage is 50% of the base damage plus your strength and the weapon skill, divided by 4. In order to get 100% of the weapon’s damage you would need 100 strength and 100 in the weapon skill.

  • Skills now level up a bit quicker (more than 0.1 at a time) at low levels.
    Knock down can no longer be gotten out of early if the player is traveling at wall slamming speed.
    Knock down’s wall slam now attributes damage to the last attacker and damage is now calculated by velocity.
    Player position, angles, velocity, health, etc. is now saved.
    Added custom animations for bow idle and holding an arrow. Still need a knocking animation and a releasing animation.

  • Created the Fire Shield spell. Blocks or reflects fire based spells and any other spells go right through it.
    Created the Haste spell. Although it’s basically the Team Play spell, this is a complete rewrite to work with the new systems. Skill level determines speed gain.

  • Reworked the entire damage system to incorporate the built-in HL2 damage types for their effects.
    Reworked the weapon status system to be more streamlined.
    Fixed some weapons having a stuttering shadow.

  • The time to draw an arrow for a bow is now based on dexterity. 0 Dexterity = 1.25 seconds and it slides to 0.75 seconds at full skill.

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