New ZS changes

  • who else thinks the new scoring system, and health system suck.

    Let’s just start everyone off as a zombie and get it over with.

  • who else thinks the new scoring system, and health system suck.

    Let’s just start everyone off as a zombie and get it over with.

  • lol you mad bro cause ya bad?

  • I see no problem with the new scoring system, people can’t farm kills off head crabs or chems, at least not and get anywhere fast anyway. 
    I have no issues doing just as well as I used to.

  • I hope you do know this scoring system helps the zombies if the team is full of idiots

    Example. 90% of the team goes headcrabs for 3 minutes trying to kill 1 human in reddish health for the kill.

    Normally humans will become stronger from all these brain hungry zombies sacrificing there deaths to kill 1 human that the humans would farm up better supplies and guns.

    now, if the whole team decided to do that, atleast getting your stronger weapons wont be that easy a the time but at the same time thats less strain on your barricade.

  • From what i’ve been able to understand the scoring is now something like this…

    normal zombie - 5 pts.
    headcrab - 3 pts.
    wraith - 3 pts
    poison zombie - 6 pts.

    and the rest fall somewhere under 5 pts.
    (you need 25 for first upgrade, etc. etc. everything x5)

    aside from normal zombie who stayed the same, and poison zombie (on which you will waste more ammo so I believe 6 pts. is not quite right), no matter how you look at it: whether you are “pro enough” or not, and i’m not too bad…

    this is a very big human nerf; personal preferences aside (i.e. fuck the noobs, oh you’re not good enough, etc. etc.), the numbers show it is a nerf, simple as that.

    More kills to get upgrades - more ammo wasted. I’ve played to where you run out of ammo from upgrades and that comes very quickly if it’s a heavy situation… around 60 - 70 if you’re not careful. This means you will run out of ammo faster; even if you’re “pro”.

    My point is this; why mess with a good thing. I don’t remember anyone ever complaining about “farming headcrabs” although it can be done, yes, and it serves as an argument, yes. However, this was never a “problem”, and headcrabs aren’t very easy to kill. Can you use that as a defense for the new system? Sure, but what’s the point of further nerfing the humans if it’s not necessary? I don’t understand. What issue did this resolve?

  • The new scoreboard sucks. I’m not one to complain about Jet’s changes… but I can’t see shit when the round ends!

    Bring back the old scoreboard…

  • IMO:

    8pts for Poison zombie (might make people aim for them instead of chems or crabs)
    5pts for poison crab (it is dangerous trying to take them out, and they have loads of hp)

    The rest is fine.

    Also i’m unsure of the lack of HP regen. Was the removal really needed?

  • Some maps need more hp rooms now there is no hp regen, and I think I prefer the old zs to be honest before the point system… People will run out of ammo much more frequently now.

  • Should make Chem Zombies a 6, that ought to make them more dangerous.

  • Yeah, if anything, just tweak the scoring system. I’m wasting all my bullets on a poison zombie just to survive.

    Tweak poison up to 7 - 9 and chem zombie from 5 - 6

  • Yes, let’s make the biggest weak target worth more than a normal zombie, which is more difficult to kill.


    so poison crabs really are only three points now? No way, that has to be changed to 5 at least until something is done about the blasted bunny hop exploit. There is absolutely no reason to play as a normal zombie anymore once wave 4 comes along anymore. The poison crab can do a much better job at hitting them and avoiding them and if they get hit they give humans less points. Poison zombies should also be moved up to 7 points. I don’t have a problem with the rest though because it was kinda cheap getting 5 or so kills with barely any ammo spent on normal and fast headcrabs and chem zombies are too easy to kill.

    Cool reasoning. Let’s make wraith worth 8 because they can stand in midair above the opening in the barricade while attacking. While we’re at it, Poison Zombies are now worth 12 because they can hop while ripping flesh, AND do both attacks at the same time. Oh wait, they can practically double jump while vomiting. 16 points. Also, normal zombies are now worth 7 points because they can rock back and forth while attacking.

  • :iamwithstupid:

  • Poison crabs should be worth the same as normal zombies.
    When you are in a cade, poison crabs are highly difficult to get rid of if they position themselves properly or there are a lot of them. Going to kill such crabs is useful as it means humans can get close to the cade again, there should be an incentive to do this.

  • I think you’re missing the point. By this logic, chems should be worth more than they are, even though they can be downed in about 2 shots with anything. They are annoying, but so are fast headcrabs, which can do a lot of damage in the right situation. The reason the headcrabs stay at 3 is because Normals are well rounded, Fasts are quicker but weaker, and Poisons are stronger but much more sluggish. If anything, they should probably be at 4 points.

  • I think the points system should be about rewarding useful kills. The low point value of headcrabs is arguably good as it means people focus more on the real threat as they should.
    Poison zombies take a huge amount of ammo to kill and you will often get the kill stolen. A high point value justifies the ammo expenditure.

    Poison crabs are much tougher than normal and fast crabs and they are generally a lot more dangerous. Killing them is important to the saftey of the cade, while killing normal crabs is less important.

    Chems should stay on a low point value to encourage people to attack zombies that are destroying the cade, and not wait around for another free-kill chem to waddle along, while the cade gets ransacked.

  • Is the scoring system really as balanced as the old kill method?

    I frequently run out of ammo at ~70. Before, I would always have between 1-5 clips left in my T2 when getting a smg.

    Perhaps I have to blame the subtle headcrab buff.

  • Of course it’s not balanced. Everything was worth the same earlier.

  • Mixed feelings. I’m pretty open to gameplay changes in general but I have the same concerns others do, like with ammo conservation, etc.

    I’m certainly willing to try it for a while but I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it in the long run.

  • @Eisiger:

    Of course it’s not balanced. Everything was worth the same earlier.

    Yeah but I mean, it’s basically impossible for all the zombie team to be regular zombies at once, that means getting headcrab kills is inevitable

    therfore it’s not 15 kills anymore, it’s basically 20-25.

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