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NoXious RPG

  • I’m not sure what JetBoom means by “pole” but a correct blade swing is faster than a stick swing and a blade stab is as fast as a spear stab.

    As for bleeding, I’m not sure how it could be inflicted. Maybe there could be a “hemorrhage bar” inside your health bar. It takes twice the damage you do but regenerates four times as fast as your HP (or at the same pace while you’re hemorrhaging). When it reaches 0, you bleed until it reaches your maximum health again. Potions wouldn’t affect that bar and bandages would make it regenerate faster.

    When you’re bleeding, your health does not naturally regenerate (your health regeneration is converted to hemostasis), you leave a trackable trail of blood behind you and you lose a point or two of health every ~10 seconds.

  • A bleeding system like that would be very interesting. I’ve always liked it when getting too much damage has noticeable effects and you can’t just fight at peak power at 1hp.

  • Stamina was removed a long time ago.

  • If you do add a bleeding system please don’t make it so one tiny scrape = fatal wound that kills you in 15 seconds.

  • *Sword: Increased swing rate, Decreased damage.

    *Bludgeon: Increased weapon breaking, Slower to swing than other weapons.

    *Axe: Increased damage, Decreased weapon breaking ability.

    *Pole: parrying against these a few times in a row will guard break, making the person stunned for a bit. (Leaving this one alone.)

  • Are you planning on hosting this gamemode some day still? I think there’s a huge amount of potential players around for this. The only reason why so many people play on the current RP servers is because they have no alternative for them. There’s simply no RP, and certainly not any RPG gamemode that sticks out with head and shoulders.

  • Possibly. We don’t have anyone making maps though so that’s a big minus.

  • Will the maps require many gamemode specific entities and the like? I could always pick up on my mapping again if it means I could get more practice I suppose but I dunno

  • I was working on a map for the RPG, but when I talked to you in mumble you said you hadn’t been working on it at all, so I put the project on hold.

    I’ll learn to fix* the errors I made with it and then keep going if there’s still hope.

    *(read: get modesty to fix)

  • Message me if you need specialized terrain with displacements or such.

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