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  • I hope no one here spent money on this game. It’s terrible graphics and clunky ass gameplay belongs on last gen consoles. The only thing somewhat intriguing is the story line. Apparently they are calling any freeroam game a sandbox game nowadays.

  • I hope no one here spent money on this game. It’s terrible graphics and clunky ass gameplay belongs on last gen consoles. The only thing somewhat intriguing is the story line. Apparently they are calling any freeroam game a sandbox game nowadays.

  • Morrowind had freeroam and that was sort of sandbox-ish, you could piss around with the scrolls of infinite jumping and stuff.

  • Ive just downloaded prototype, ima give my review soon

  • I bought Prototype with some of my graduation money. I’m very glad I did, it’s worth the sixty-some dollars I paid for it.

  • terrible game.

  • The combat is a fucking mess

  • I dislike lock on combat, when has anyone been able to lock on to and successfully change their mid-air-velocity toward a target?

    Hope lock on combat isn’t compulsary to do well in this game.

  • Unreal championship 2 was the only lock on combat game i liked…i miss it…dearly…

  • I like that you can actually run stuff over with the tank

  • It’s an okay game, but there’s nothing worth remembering, and the game isn’t worth the $60, just torrent it. The combat is repetitive but the different powers are fun to play around with. The stealth side of the game sucks ass and most of the events are the same. They pretty much failed this one, I’ll just hope that they make Prototype 2 way better.

  • What happened to your avatar?

  • refer to personal text

  • nooo

  • I bought Prototype for 360, since my computer, even though way beyond minimum specs, can’t manage to get over 10 FPS on minimum settings. The PC port failed completely. Oh yeah, if you use Windows XP, then 9/10 times the sound in the cutscenes will be fucked up and you can’t fix it because of the OS. You can fix it on Vista though.

    Anyway, I don’t really see any bad problems on the 360. Big city games like GTA have never been about graphics, mostly because the 360 just doesn’t have enough power to make it OMGAWD CRYSIS CRYSIS like in a city setting.

    The gameplay, and especially the parkour system, are very fun. You get the feeling of being almighty when you are tossing tanks around like nothing. The lock-on combat system is functional once you get used to its quirks. Most of the time you will be jumping about, doing more air attacks in Ninja-Gaiden style than anything else, since you usually get smacked if you stop moving for a half second. This becomes especially annoying late-game, when the computer decides that no battle is complete without a billion infantry w/ homing rocket launchers. Its just about the only REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING THING about the game. Boss fights are sufficiently challenging, enough so that a lesser person would have resorted to raging and breaking their TV. Each of the bosses has a unique strategy that works well against them.

    The powers & mutations are varied, but they loose appeal once you unlock Blade. I won’t go into what Blade is exactly, but it basically makes all your other weapon mutations useless. Except maybe whip-fist. Late-game, its more a question of personal preference than efficiency. For example, you have an enemy tank. You can A. Put blade on jump over it and slice it in half, B. put claws on and spike it from underneath, C. put muscle-mass on and toss large objects at it, or D. put hammerfist on and turn yourself into a gigantic fucking missile and smash it from a mile away.

    That last one is called Hammertoss. I’ve found that its very good for sniping those annoying viral detectors or turrets on the military bases.

    The two defensive powers, shield and armor, seem too restricting. I usually go with shield, since armor stops you from gliding. If you can’t glide, you can’t bulletdive.

    The two vision powers are mostly useless, except on one mission where you have to consume specific targets.

    Disguise is very fun. While the game could never have the in-depth stealth mechanics of, say Hitman or Splinter-Cell, its still satisfying to successfully infiltrate a military base. Especially because if you do it sneaky, you get a hefty stealth bonus.

    The final boss fight is an exercise in patience. Without giving away spoilers, lets just say that when the boss has roughly 30-40% health, a timer comes up and you have only so long to finish him off. When I played in Normal difficulty, it was 1 minute 30 seconds. In easy, its 2 minutes 30 seconds, I think. I can only imagine what it is on hard. The point is that it takes absolutely FOREVER to damage the boss, unless you abuse a certain strategy. Heres a hint: save a devastator or two. Use Critical Pain. Its the only thing that really hurts him.

  • Shitty game

  • I agree

  • Awesome, intense game. It makes me go ‘ffff’ a lot in the later missions when there is more hunters, infected, and military. And when Alex has to deal with having no powers for a mission or two.

    Also, fuck you Ragland.

  • Shitty game.

  • I have to be honest:
    the boss fights are a right amount of hard. Not to mention that it’s because of the fucked up fight system where later in the game everyone shoots at you 2 homing rockets every half second.

    -20(No variety and no replayability)
    -20(No mod tools or whatsoever plan for them)
    -20(There are no kids or babies. If you could dismember 10 year old kids then it would be a game with enought balls to receive 100/100)
    -20(The combat is a fucking mess)
    -20(Blood is not properly rendered but instead it looks like a globby blob of something)
    +10(A few quite violent moves such as skull surfing)
    +10(Ability to pilot stuff)
    -10(You don’t get the thermobaric tanks more than once…)