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Show me what you look like (real life pics)

  • @sidec-blodgett said in Show me what you look like (real life pics):

    Don’t have any pics since all that stuff is on my phone and I’m actually on my PC for once but I figure this is a good spot to post a bit on since I don’t feel like shitting up the forum with a thread just for me to talk about my life.

    It’s been about two years since I was last active on the community and I’ve had a shitload happen to me though thankfully the majority of it is good.

    About three years ago I got laid off from my job of seven years from an unfortunate combination of the company going bankrupt and me calling the boss a fat fucker. After that I pulled money out of my life savings and decided “screw it, I’ll move to Minnesota” where I met my wife.

    We got married two years ago after a year of being together, moved back to Texas together because I figured it wasn’t garbage enough the first time around so maybe I should drag some poor woman along with it and destroy two souls for the price of one. I ended up job hopping a lot because the market was atrocious in the city I was in and eventually though a friend I learned of a potential career I could snag…only problem is, it was in Vancouver Washington.

    So, I proceed to save up money for a few months working for BcBs before I got enough money to make the jump across the country and get settled into an apartment. My wife, Autumn stayed behind in Texas with her job just in case my crazy-stupid idea didn’t work.

    Thankfully it did work, I got hired on and my start date was April 24th. A good three months away but hell, I could wait.

    Job ended up being a major boon for us, it instantly gave us the financial security to have her move up with me, secure a house and get our shit in order.

    It’s been about eight months since I started the job (mechanical technician for a computer chip processing plant) and things are going well and I actually have enough energy both physically and emotionally to get back into enjoying my hobbies.

    So now my wife and I are living in Castle Rock Washington, I have a whole room dedicated to being a home theater/game room and for the first time in bloody forever I have some freedom.

    So what does a guy do when he gets some freedom?

    Well, I guess he starts playing Garry’s mod again and does the same shit he was doing since he was a teenager


    Tits or GTFO

  • @sidec-blodgett show us your wife’s pussy or fake


    glowing blue necklace in the back (not the vr lad)

  • alt text

    where to go next

    old pic

  • Holy shit, I’m a female alt text

  • @the-first-lady tits or GTFO

  • skrillex

  • I’m a girl too 0_1511800983935_hqdefault.jpg

  • alt text
    ps i hate communism

  • 0_1520114022578_IMG_5054.JPG
    look at this faggot lol^
    I get deployed in May so here’s a recent pic
    Also bye for a while. You guys are fun :)

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