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Gamemode Merge: TeamPlay + Awesome Strike

  • About my previous post, It’s not XSI anymore, It’s “Autodesk Softimage mod tool”.

  • Yeah they fucked it up big time.

  • Blender is the best

  • It’s useless unless you know all the hotkeys and it’s combinations

  • Do we want custom player models, or recompiled playermodels?
    Please, give me a straight yes or no.

  • @Samuel:

    It’s useless unless you know all the hotkeys and it’s combinations

  • i hate it

  • Well, you would, you like horses and “cum on” your “skin”

  • Here’s a todo list. I have TODO’s all over the place so here’s a big list of them.

    – Core / DB
    – TODO: Chat box
    -------- Fix console say command not working.
    -------- Allow PM somehow.
    ---------- FIX: NDB.NoParseFunction SEEMS TO PRINT DOUBLE…
    – TODO: Votemap
    -------- Replace + and - ratings with tags. The 3 highest tags are displayed next to the map as long as they have more than 5 or so total counts.
    -------- Allow 3 different forms of alphabetical sorting: file name, clean name, (maptype) clean name
    – TODO: AFK Kicker could be a panel.
    – TODO: Server portal can use sockets to query the servers with the HL querying protocol. Update to client after queries. Client requests it every 5 seconds the portal VGUI is open.
    – TODO: Add more shop items.

    – TODO: Add a ‘currently-equiped’ thing to the loadout screen so you don’t have to press an equip button to see it. Just use a think function to get MENUPROFILE.Loadout and see if it’s not matching the current UID’s in order to do a refresh.
    – TODO: Add a HUD thing for when you switch weapons like s4. Should be in the bottom center or can be 0.25, 0.5 or 0.75, 0.5. Also display ammo.
    – TODO: Add a loadout display to the profile and inventory window. It displays all of your currently equipped weapons.
    – TODO: Have the particle emitter for vehicle thing be in the GAMEMODE table.
    – TODO: Ammo display should scale. Use an extra argument in the function.
    – TODO: Some weapons should be permanently free.
    – TODO: NOX_VIEW crosshair could be better. In fact, each weapon could have its own crosshair.
    – TODO: Add a few predefined profiles. Predefined profiles should appear in a different list under the real one.

    – TODO: Some utility and inherited functions for drawing health / mana bars.
    – TODO: Spell: Comet. Shoots a big ice ball with a ring & smoke trail. Explosion is a bunch of ice chunks + snow. Has a bit of gravity.
    – TODO: Spell: Flame Strike. Just like the one I made for Rune.
    – TODO: Spell: Icicle. Shoots a small, pointy icicle that sticks in walls which can then be used to climb with. Taking damage destroys it and any single user can have 3 active at once. Dying or disconnecting destroys all owned icicles.
    – TODO: Spell: Zolt. Shoots a projectile that constantly checks under it for anyone there. If a target is found then it calls a lightning bolt. If it’s a person, they get screen flashed and DSP’d. Does about 30 lightning damage. Effect could be some kind of flashy projectile and then lightning beams coming down to one point below it. Doesn’t try to hit prop_prop or prop_physics*.
    – TODO: Toning the mass up on the Rover or the mass down on the wheels might add traction.
    – TODO: New scoreboard.
    – TODO: Vehicle HUD is ugly and doesn’t work well with the new game HUD.
    – TODO: Vehicle pad menu is ugly.
    – TODO: EFFECT_QUALITY should determine if you get any heatwave / refract particles.
    – TODO: Tesla award: Kill someone with energy bolt while they’re above some kind of height in the air.
    – TODO: Trading system.
    – TODO: Augmentation system.

    – Zombie Survival:
    – TODO: Can reliably display board health with SetSkin() and then use 0 - 100 for a percentage.
    – TODO: Better shift menu is really needed. DMenu is clumsy at best.
    – TODO: New scoreboard.
    – TODO: New class select. DModelPanel2.
    – TODO: Better post-process, especially color mod. Zombies vision should make a dynamic light or do whatever the gmod lamps do.
    – TODO: Offset the color of human auras so it becomes red later on.
    – TODO: Flashlight with limited battery.
    – TODO: Get rid of red screen flash when dead. Possibly make a better one all together. Blood or claw marks on HUD?
    – TODO: F1 should display help in non-editable text entries.
    – TODO: Options menu is clunky.
    – TODO: Remove human destruction limit.
    – TODO: Possibly axis nails instead of weld. Set friction to the distance between the back surface’s hit normal and the GetAimVector() of the person with the hammer.
    – TODO: Nails shouldn’t be instantly in. Right click with the hammer places a nail and you use left click to hammer it in. The prop becomes unmoveable when the nail hits something in back.
    – TODO: Put in the changes mentioned in the big change thread.
    – TODO: Put in the zombie health bars and the new killicons.
    – TODO: Different score for different zombie type kills. Increase reward kills needed.
    – TODO: 1/2 score for an assist (half health or more damage) FOR BOTH THE KILLER AND ASSISTER.
    – TODO: Poison zombie breathing loop / arms waving with reload like the regular zombie’s.

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