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Left 4 Dead

  • @RayK:

    //Meleespam Script//Hold right click down to activate.//
    bind mouse2 +melee
    alias “+melee” “alias spamnone +spam;+spam”
    alias “-melee” “alias spamnone echo”
    alias “+spam” “+attack2;lastinv;wait 2;-spam”
    alias “-spam” “-attack2;wait 2;spamnone”
    alias “spamnone” “echo”
    bind g +attack2
    //g is your new pills throwing key//


  • That shit has been in HL2:DM forever. You use lastinv and right click to spam the gravity gun’s pushing effect. With a script you can plow cars around the map like they weren’t even there. Was very fun to use it back when RP was in HL2: DM, both for reaching really high places and rolling huge shit in to people.

  • RP in DM? Wow

  • Yeah, RP when it was actually RP. Absolutely a blast to ruin it too. went down I guess but I had an amazing track record on that site because when you hosted a map made by Rickler, it set your server’s name to have in the name. So I got ban requests on my own listen server. Some of the funnest trolling I ever did.

  • And here I thought DM was shit. Puzzle servers too. Lovely griefing.

    Also, lol at ban requests on your own listen server.

  • Note how in the campaign “Death Toll” there are only 3 sleeping bags on the ground.

  • I swear that its “Blood Harvest”.

    Maybe someone is sharing…

  • It is. Second stage I believe. That or far ahead in stage one.

  • Well Death Toll and Dead Air will be released Shortly with the DLC, i wonder what changes are going to be made to the maps, the smoker is going to own so badly in parts with roofs, and such.

  • Oh boy I wonder what part of the walls the tank will crush, I bet water towers are going to be awesome hunter spots

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