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Custom Textures

  • What the hell do i do? I have them as VTF, VMT and TGA files, yet they appear not in Hammer. Where the hell do I place them?

  • What the hell do i do? I have them as VTF, VMT and TGA files, yet they appear not in Hammer. Where the hell do I place them?

  • Well for me, since I use the Counterstrike: Source configuration for hammer, I usually put them in a folder specifically for the map inside the actual game directory’s materials folder (not the sourcesdk path, the path you actually have your game files on, where your actual counterstrike would be). Once I compile my map and ahve it saved into my garry’s mod maps folder, I just copy that folder I used and move it to the garry’s mod materials folder, exactly how it was placed in the counterstrike source materials folder. It shows up in hammer (will require a restart after you put the materials in to actually show up) and in game. Works well for me.

  • Well, okay I see them in hammer now, but when I place them on a brush, the brush turns invisible. : /

  • Do the same but instead of the “//cstrike/materials/map_name” folder. Put files in the “//hl2/materials/map_name” folder.

  • My brushes, they turn invisible when I place the custom textures on them.

  • My guess is that you somehow applied a format that includes alpha textures and you somehow applied a mask onto your textures, covering the whole texture with an alpha of black, which is  the default when you add a new alpha channel to any of your textures in Photoshop (or whatever program you’re using I’m guessing). You’re going to have to either change your texture to DXT1 (compressed) or BGR888 (uncompressed) if you don’t want any alpha channels, or edit your alpha channels so that transparent parts are darker and non-transparent parts are lighter, and save the vtf with a format of DX5 or BGRA8888, then with your vmt file, specify which is translucent.

    …Or maybe your vmt file has “$alpha” “0” in it :uglylaugh:. Delete it if that’s the case.

    I’m sure there might be other causes to it that are not these, but its what I can think of right now.

  • I should try adding alpha instead of making black backgrounds!

  • Okay, lets redo this.

    Lets assume that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to Custom textures (Which is true) , and fucking mind boggling tutorials on Snarkpit won’t help me (Also True). What the hell do I do to make a custom texture from a screenshot of a mario game.

  • post the vmt text file here maybe, cause u might have fucked the textures location or something

    I had that problem with the materials when my vmt was pointing the thing towards the wrong place. like i had it saying materials/thetexture if the texture was there/ i moved shit round too much idk i got to find a better example

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