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Free Camera in Demos

  • Is there a free camera mode you can use while watching demos?

  • Is there a free camera mode you can use while watching demos?

  • like a demo editor? I believe there was some way you can move things like point of view. Not sure of the button or console command it is. Though there is a command editdemo in console whenever i try it, I crash so still no clue.

  • The most I’ve found is some camera command that just gives me a third-person point of view. I could try that editdemo command, but I’ll probably just crash like you…


    I found a bunch of junk here:

    No free roam command, though. I think there might be a way to do it with the demo smoother, or something, though.

    Edit 2:

    I found an exceptional free roam mode using the drive command. The only problem is that I can’t see my model in the game because it follows the camera wherever I put it in first-person mode. So, I can’t see myself killing people…

  • Press shift+f2, then press the smooth button. Figure out what to do from there because I can’t remember.

  • Will it let me free roam WITHOUT my character being stuck wherever I go?

  • Sadly, you cannot see yourself in third person in the demo editor. That is just not possible D:

    Sad, I know. Also your view will be distorted at times when you crouch or something like that if you roam in 3rd person or smooth a demo.

    Oh, and yes, you can freeroam while your player is moving and the demo is playing.

  • snifflesigh
    That’s what I thought.
    But, there’s a wish list on that page I linked.

    The 2nd wish is:

    Proper thirdperson mode.

    • Re-orient muzzle flash sprite to world model instead of first person view model.

    I’m not good with all these gaming terms, but I think that would mean that you can see your character if you move away with the drive command? =D
    In that case, I sure hope Valve sees that list…

  • Well if you wanted to record Noxiousnet gameplay and see yourself kicking ass, you could always play in 3rd person mode by pressing C, then recording.

  • That works?! Shweeeeet! Thanks a lot. :biggrin:

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