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  • Hey guys, would you happen to know what the name of the song in this flash video is called? I’m desperately trying to find out.

  • Hey guys, would you happen to know what the name of the song in this flash video is called? I’m desperately trying to find out.

  • Umm, using my phone as the id thing it has on it, it said the song was I wish by skazi & infected mushroom from the album zoo 3.
    I’m going to go double check this, cause I never heard of it.

  • your phone has an id thing on it?

  • No clue it has a song ID program that was free and was pre-installed on some phones, but I downloaded it long time ago to see if it was accurate. I kept it on there (besides it being free) in case there was a song on the radio that I liked/couldn’t remember the name of. I can take a picture of it if needed/video of it identifying some song.
    This song likes mentioning some random sentance with the game in it, or play the game it sounds like….
    Also if this is the song, heres something of it on youtube, not sure if it is, but sounds like the song in that flash~~

    Edit: Yeah thats the song in the flash Heres the link i moved out of the strikethrough:
    Has a dl link in its info.

    Edit 3: Btw cs wtf is this site cause I think i just found the most unexpected thing in a “flash” dancing furry people/ odd kids show maybe?
    And now i found a clock built in flash?

    Also another wtf flash god…. honestly wtf is this site, short random ass flash movies?

  • Tunatic is also a good music ID program. Although, it only works if the quality of the song is good it still gets the song right 75% of the time. I’m not sure if that’s what your phone uses. Nice flash, and good music btw.

  • Its verizon’s tool, so I have no clue what its using to ID it, but it works as long as the songs beats and shit are working, I ID’d one time when rover had the tarzan boy song as his ban song, it worked even though it was hlss from his mic.

  • Then Tunatic is bad compared to your’s. Also,, for all your random GIF needs.

  • yeah but ytmnd has been losing quality, as far as last time ive checked with my friend and what I remember from that site recently compared to back then was worse quality (newer ones arn’t great….) also most random rap song i think this was: Testing if my phone ID’s it
    God it worked. Any other random songs people want me to try getting it to identify (has to be a real song, cause it can’t be something from a remix site or something. (though remixes might work idk.)

    Also lol wasn’t expecting this unless some admin forceurl’d meatspin…
    and managed to id this? (btw you might not want to blast this song thru your speakers (but you could make it do that to a friend if you want).)
    God… dammit… Feel like im getting dumber every time it happens to load a new flash from that site… now found some white guy cloned or something dancing to numa numa or w/e the song was…
    Though I keep editing: I found an emo potato?

  • i have that shit on my phone, i played around with it for a while to see how many songs it could actually get right

  • Sounds awesome.

  • I have the same thing on my chocolate, but it doesn’t identify every song correctly. I tried to see if it would recognize trip like I do - crystal method, and it gave me The killers.

  • idk it depends what phone your using like mine seems to have a really good mic even though one time the phone got fried for a day when it got wet due to odd ass events. When i say fried it wasnt dead just acted weird and buttons changed around what they did. This happened once to an even earlier phone when it got wet. Like the text msg button they have to go to that menu went to options etc. Send would open the menu and end would bring up voice commands. It just was weird but now this phone works fine with the song id. Even though the chocolate is a music phone they can piss people off. Especially the one with the click wheel like thing or the 1st version where my friend had random txts sent in mid typing due to touch sensitivity on thr buttons.

  • Song is “I wish” by infected mushroom (also a remix by skazi). Just type the lyrics into google…

  • thanks guys.
    BTW, sonic, your phone was correct. :P

    EDit: oh shit, I need your help again. Whats the name of the song in this flash I’ve been looking for it for ages.

  • ill check what it is later today though if its game music phone cant find it or if its severly remixed or not a popular remix like thing.

  • I guessed as such, which is why I think your phone will have no trouble at all with this song.

  • says its called Horny 'p8 by Hot ‘N’ Juicy and the Album: Ibiza Uncovered 2. These songs seem so odd to be in flash movies.

    Awkward clip of a show ive seen like once before:

    also someone had too much time on their hands with this song……

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