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  • Whenever I play on NoX my computer always crashes… Can’t be graphix card I have an awesome one…

    Help please!!!  :th_Mad: :cry:

  • Whenever I play on NoX my computer always crashes… Can’t be graphix card I have an awesome one…

    Help please!!!  :th_Mad: :cry:

  • What is your “awesome one”.

  • also maybe ur comp specs. Also theerror for the crash, like buffer vortex or whatever it is. (also I’m hoping his awesome video card isn’t a 64 mb nvidia gforce like my really old comp.

  • Ram; Card; Now.  Reply or no help for you.

  • but rick i thought your never gonna let him down! How could you do this? But yeah guessing the person wh needs help is asleep, so we’ll wait till tommorrow I guess.

  • its your antivirus or something else, i had the same problem…

    maybe if you have avg antivirus or if a program run behind gmod

    why it crashes? because a propgram is writting on the computer memory, but if garrysmod write at the same place; your game will crashes… try to find this program

  • Wow, you’re an idiot.  AVG is the best Antivirus out there, memory usage and size-wise, and as long as you know what you are downloading and what you aren’t, along with keeping track of email attachments and the like, it shouldn’t cause any problem whatsoever.

    Running programs, memory-wise, will not affect the stability of Garry’s Mod as long as you have enough RAM to sustain both at once.

    Anyway, OP, tell us your PC specs or we can’t help you, just like everyone else has said, but I’m thinking it’s related to your hardware in some way if your PC is automatically crashing or restarting.  Chances are, if it’s restarting, you’re most likely getting a stop error/BSOD or your power supply is chugging.

  • I love AVG.

  • @JusticeInACan:

    Wow, you’re an idiot.  AVG is the best Antivirus out there

    I’m going to presume you are being sarcastic.

    The best free antivirus is Avast, it offers protection on just about anything and it has a larger virus definitions library.

    The best Overall antivirus is Kaspersky, it costs a lot of money but if you can afford it its the best there is. This is not an opinion, its a proven fact.

  • :king:

  • antivirus programs are for pussies

  • McAfee is used in my house where all other Anti-Virus programs have failed; but this is getting a little off topic. The problem is most likely to do with old hardware that hates your “awesome” graphics card.

  • My ram is 4 gigs… craphix card is GX8600…
    dar yah goes

    and when I crash I mean that the game will freeze, it repeats the same sound, and I cant do anything but restart my computer

  • That doesn’t help much:

    What is the motherboard model name?
    What is the processor name and speed?
    What is the memory type and speed?
    What is your graphics card driver version?

  • What is the motherboard model name?    IM pretty sure its close to NVIDIA- SLI
    What is the processor name and speed?  I have dual core processor and Im unsure of the speed
    What is the memory type and speed?      Patriot and its like 4gigs… hope that helps
    What is your graphics card driver version? NVIDIA GeForce8600GT  vnv4_disp.dll

    Hope this helps Benjy

  • I’m leaning towards a faulty motherboard, how old is it compared to the processor and graphics card?

    I still need to know the above and the processor name and speed to have at least a guess.

    Rightclick my computer, select properties to find processor details. Assuming this is Win XP.

  • I dont know but Im pretty sure its none of that… it ONLY crashes on NoX and all of this computer is custom built and it is brand new( I got it for christmas)

  • Only on Nox? Run an application like crysis/crysis demo on highish settings and see if it happens; AA needs to be at least 2x,

    If it doesn’t do it, delete the gmod folder, then re-install

  • Yeah, only on NoX Teamplay I THINK. I have Crysis And I can run it on high :/

    But I will try to reinstall garrysmod/garrysmod…. Oh gosh what Am I about to do this wil take forever…zzz

    I did actually try that but is was a while ago…

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