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Admins cleared out

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    This post is deleted!

  • Men, Men, and Men,

    I am sending this message out to provide you all with my detailed journey on the Noxious Nigger Retardation Ride. It all started when my friend told me about NoxiousNet and its faggot retard owner, JetCunt. It then all boiled down to JetBang rambling on about how everyone is a fag and needs to shut up and fuck off like retards. I created an account, and I tried to understand the game. I asked JetBarnacle for help and he tried to tell me to fuck off. He was unwilling to help and acted like a typical virgin faggot. It all goes back to the day when his mother dropped him on his already oversized skull that contained a lack of a brain. The mutation within his brain set shivers down his spine, and he soon realized that indeed, he was the faggot himself. In making NoxiousNet, he showed the world how much of a big fat fucking loser that he truly is, and how is life will amount to nothing. Typically, someone like this is a shitter in real life. But with JetCrunch, it’s on a whole new level, hes a prime diarrhea doody shit fresh out the anus of a gorilla on steroids. I’ll make it plain and simple, I only played noxiousnet to appease JetFart, but when I saw his miniscule sad excuse for a male genitalia, I instantly regretted downloading garry’s mod and playing noxiousnet. I will never play again because the faggot retard owner will shut the server down like a fucking dumb fucking cunt shit retard. The end

    Brandon, former Admin
    VIA Gorm

  • dude that’s a nice looking d**k but why is Field Hammer saving pics of it?

    I KNOW DOGS AND CATS WITH LARGER COCKS THAN YOURS YOU REMIND ME OF A MOSQUITO VERY THIN AND SHARP, MORE LIKE A PENCIL THAT’S PRACTICALLY READY TO SNAPPPPP. Sorry all caps, I have to shrink my font because even that’s bigger than your dick you wannabe moron piece of shit. I feel bad for any girl that has to lie to you when they say they feel it inside them. I feel bad for any girl that’s been forced to have any sort of online interaction with you because if they knew what you were packin, boy they would’ve went home years ago.

  • e

  • @jetboom OH NO I AM EXPOSED

  • orgy in the showers at ram ranch

  • I almost forgot about you too, you stupid arabian mexican whatever the hell you are no good smelly arab moron assclown. I thought you had killed yourself which in all honesty wouldnt surprise me since youre a slithering slurping son of a saddam hussein shit sucking shell of a man. You should be ashamed that your parents gave birth to you. Im sure they said when you were born that you were a mistake Mohamed. You no good loser go wipe your ass with the Quran and then use Quinoa as anal beads you dumb shit. As for jetboom, maybe he’ll probably hang himself from the local bridge with the help of professional tightrope walkers

  • suck my huge dick.

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