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  • Hi. I would have your feedback about this map, particularly on cade spot balance (some are probably op for humans).
    2 zspawns
    around 15 cades spots
    7 waves
    1 ufo appear around beginnig of wave 1
    copter delivery on wave 3 (arsenal/aegis/medkit/2xdetpack)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    BSP : zs_smiley_camp_v3

  • Pretty interesting map. I really liked stumbling upon teleporters and the ichthyosaur. As for criticism; most if not all houses/rooms have only one entrance so it doesn’t lend itself to dynamic gameplay. Some buildings are extremely claustrophobic but most are pretty well spaced. You should use the zombiesurvival.fgd if you haven’t; fix those green gas areas and use the right entities. A little more ambient sound would be nice (add soundscapes). If this map came out a decade ago it would have made for a crazy good ZM_ map. This is a really fun map with a lot of neat little things packed in. Cross my fingers this gets played at least once.

    P.S. the ichthyosaur wanders a great deal and barely stays in it’s room.

  • goodbye novacane hello smile

  • Thanks a lot Epple ! That’s good accurate tips, right i have to put more entrances on most buildings, its actually boring to play. I’ll fix the rest (soundscapes/greengas) i competly messed/forgot about that , its on the list now! Thanks again and have a good evening !

  • Wow friskypiranha44 i just tested novacane, that remake of the original version (with the the fort + shield we have to defend) really gone so far on the wtf. i hope play it once on a server and hope my map don’t look as wtf for you x) Thanks for this discovery !

  • one more thing I forgot to mention, several bookshelves and cabinets should have their mass tweaked; In-game these props are too heavy to pickup. I suggest running the map in the public release of ZS and trying to pickup props (use the Muscular trait), take notes of what is too heavy, then reduce mass in hammer.

  • I completly forgot about that mass scale, thanks again for all your help !

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