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The Problems with Equilibre

    1. It’s too big.
    2. The water, coupled with number 1, making finding and killing straggler humans a horrible task.
    3. You can get stuck or hindered by the weirdly shaped things in the floors.
    4. There are too many holes in the ceilings/floors.


    1. Remove the map.
    2. Redesign the map, such as filling the holes, removing attics, removing the objects hindering the cades/movement, make the water toxic etc.

    I mean does anyone think this map should stay in its current form? Current winrate is 2/102, and at least one of those wins was during low pop and afk zombies. It’s horrible to cade on, horrible to move around on and horrible to team play on. Sigils are often too far apart, people are afraid to go out of cades, there’s no real strategy that can be implemented due to the poor design. It’s hard to cade the holes, and nesting is hard due to the lack of land around the houses.

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