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2nd pidaras issue

  • hey, I’ve been using the maps folder to remove things that blocked humans from progressing like “bahamut_bullet”. But later in the map when you get the mini-gun there is another wall that’s invisible. and its titled “anti_bullet_laser”
    I’ve tried removing it’s specified name through multiple means and haven’t been able to do so.
    Also, I’ve tried using a much better idea that I got from Jetboom which basically breaks all ents with the class
    “func_physbox_multiplayer”. I ran through the map and the wall was not removed, then I tried “func_physbox” and it still remained.
    I’m confused as to why its not getting removed even though the code I’m using should be destroying it.

  • Keep in mind the map that the server uses is an entspy edit. I personally made changes to the server-side map to fix issues like that one you mentioned here. I deleted that entity since the intended purpose was to stop people from shooting the boss outside of the intended range. It has different collision rules in garrysmod than in counter-strike source so I just removed it. Obviously that means you can shoot the boss outside of it’s intended range but it would work like that regardless.

  • ok, used entspy and removed anti_bullet_laser. works properly now, thanks scott.

    still have other issues to fix like the scripted weapons

  • actually,
    are the scripted weapons supposed to kill through triggerhurt?

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