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[ZS] Crafting pack skill unlock removal

  • The crafting pack is not a specialized item that drops random crafting materials anymore. Prior to the crafting change, it was an unlockable variant of the junk pack that used board ammo. Now, the name is used as the skill name to unlock a number of crafting materials in the worth menu and arsenal menu.

    • Sawblade
    • Breenbust
    • Gas can/oil drum
    • Electrobattery
    • Propane tank
    • CPU parts

    Removal of the crafting pack would render all the items listed above immediately available for purchase in the worth menu/points shop.

    The electrobattery is expensive at 45 worth compared to the original cost of the crafting pack at 40 worth for 3 crafting items.

  • The removal may require replacement by another skill.

    skills ???:

    ? – Enable creation of select crafting components in the remantler using scrap
    Mechanic – Enable upgrading of select deployables (manhack/drone/rollermine) using scrap

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