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Update pushing

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    Is it possible either Raox or Darker One could get push capabilities to the server so that hotfixes may be pushed out right after an update?

    Right now the are a few bugs that need hotfixing related to the Camera TV/points shop/worth menu. The worth menu will show missing purple icons for several menu items, with the same thing in the points shop. The weapon selector also has an related issue with the camera TV image replacing icons.

    Prior to the previous update there was a lua error related to nests continuously lingering for a few weeks before it was fixed, even though there was a fix commit for it not long after it first appeared.

    There was a similar issue with maps not being able to be uploaded/maplist not being updated since Benjy or others were busy or not available until Scott was given FTP upload access, as well as not being able to change the map to playtest newly uploaded maps until he had rcon.

  • bugs get patched so quickly and take way too long to get pushed and Raox actively updates the game mode. he doesn’t have beta-testers to help him address update bugs, so it’s just hit or miss when something goes live. it would be nice if he got more access to something he devotes time to.

    the bug that forced the first person to connect onto zombie team took around a little less than a month to get pushed, something that was fixed almost instantly by him

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