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ZS Nests Refinement

  • The ability to press alt during the zombie spawn and select a nest is a useful and welcomed tool in the array of zombie tactics. I suggest we take this one step further.
    Pressing alt should display the nests menu regardless of whether the zombie is alive/active. AKA preemptively selecting the nest ready for spawning at death. Currently accessing the alt spawning menu only works at zombie death. Going even further if you right click a particular nest on the alt menu, a locked symbol will occur on that nest button. This will make that nest the default nest local to you until the locked symbol is removed by choice or the nest is destroyed. This could be a simple quality of life update to perfect the nest system. I really appreciate the alt menu by the way.

  • add F4 option to spawn on (selected/locked) nest directly after the start of a wave. players often kill or blah at wave start to spawn at the nest rather than at map default zombie spawn.

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