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[ZS] Screwdriver set trinket.

  • Damage to hinged doors with Carpenter’s hammer: +1000%/+2000%

  • @doomangelblade


  • @doomangelblade ask your team to help you break the doors

  • @dark-noob said in [ZS] Screwdriver set trinket.:

    @doomangelblade ask your team to help you break the doors

    hahaha class


    make it happen, most doors are an impediment to human team and can trap them out if they use noodle arms. they also take an absurd amount of time to break, even with people helping you and the very short wave 0 duration

  • I’ve brought this up several times before. It would massively improve the gameplay for door maps to have a faster way to take down doors. Even asking for help to break doors at the start of a game, I often don’t get that help and door cades either remain unfinished by the time zombies attack or other doors remain hinged and lost to good use.

    The melee skills don’t really do it justice - even with 2x attack speed and additional melee damage it takes around 30 seconds or so just to take down one door, meaning you can really only get 2 doors down at the start of the wave, keeping in mind that it takes time to get to the doors and transport them to a cade, and once zombies have area control you can’t exactly risk going out again to unhinge other doors as it’s far too risky, meaning things have to be done before wave 1 ideally.

  • Not being added unless their health is severely reduced.

  • @jetboom

    You’re right, I didn’t think of the impact this would have on doors that can be used in cades. A global change to doors would make usable doors more accessible which could make cading less time consuming.

    However, what about doors that shatter when broken? If anything they hinder both teams, especially if they’re just hinged props.

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