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[ZS] Round meta changes

  • Everybody wins in ZS nowadays. It’s like a modern pewee soccer team. If you don’t feel like winning as a human, you can join the zombie team, gain XP and win that way. But what if you actually lost and gained nothing by becoming a zombie and redeeming was an actual feasible goal?

    Here are my main points for changing the zs round meta regarding zombies.

    Zombie volunteers are needed to have a functioning gamemode. They picked the zombie team and they should be the main human killers.


    • They are the only ones able to gain XP from killing humans.
    • They cannot redeem because they explicitly chose the zombie team.
    • They are the only ones who can play boss zombie.

    Normal zombies lost because they did something bad like running outside or being retarded. Their only hope is becoming human again, but killing 4 humans shifts the game too much, and some people just give up because the redeeming goal is too hard. Give them some hope.
    Early rounds on bad maps creates a steamroll over the human team. We should even this out a little.


    • Redeeming gets harder as the round progresses. Starting at 1 brain at wave 1 (swapping yourself out), 2 brains at wave 2 and 3 brains at wave 3.
    • Max brains to redeem is 3 instead of 4.
    • Redeemers get their default loadout and spawn at a sigil.

    Volunteering is more accidental and based around ignorance and new players than actually volunteering. Some people get mad and leave, and I can understand that. This is an old system that can be improved.


    • Have a way to volounteer by pressing a button in the scoreboard menu or typing /volounteer. The time spent running to sigils can be used to barricade and prepare instead.
    • If not enough people volounteer, a 15 second vote will happen where you can vote in your typical zmains and useless people as the remainding people. Create drama around it. It’ll be fun. Being voted in gives you immunity next round. People who are voted in are regarded as regular zombies and can redeem with max brains required (3 brains)

  • Boss is given based on performance and needs to stay that way.
    Redeeming honestly isn’t even something I want in the game whatsoever.
    Voting in people will just have people vote in the newest, dumbest, easily angered people for easymode + disconnects. It’s just a convoluted version of the same system in place right now because only those people will not be near a sigil at 00:00.

  • What would be the point in removing redeeming? Isn’t that an incentive for people to alt-tab if they die and don’t like playing zombie? That accentuates zombie hopelessness more.

  • every x amount of maps the server kicks into final destination mode. No redemption

  • @raox It’s a dumb mechanic and mading the humans suffered is good enough.

  • Cut your losses and just revert the game to what it was early 2017 but keep all QOL changes.

  • @jetboom said in [ZS] Round meta changes:

    @raox It’s a dumb mechanic

    I don’t really understand. Could you explain?

  • If people wanted to make humans suffer, they can volunteer and disable redeeming. People tend to enjoy playing zombie to redeem and if they can’t redeem at all, they’ll just AFK or disconnect. Zombie is so monotone in gameplay, so I don’t agree with removing redemption, unless you can implement something else.

  • @jetboom

    Redeeming is a fantastic mechanic. The chance to transcend the suffering of playing zombie and regain your place on human team is part of what makes playing zombie interesting. Everyone’s fighting for a chance to no longer be a loser and leave their teammates behind.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Prove it

  • Uhh personally I think you’re projecting.

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