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[ZS] Quality of life and some other stuff.

    1. As a rare type of human, a turret user, I would like to see how much HP turret has in manual mode (like part of HUD shows how many land mines you can deploy using minelayer). Will help me and others monitoring the status of turret (also using it as camera tool) and prevent running back and forth when using other gun (for example: turret at sigil A, and its owner with
      gun at sigil B ).

    2. Replacing meta weapons with tier 4s caused some mess. Everyone hates Gluon, everyone hates new Zeus, Impaler is ignored (why would you use it if you have Collosus). Something needs to be done about this.

    3. Make 2nd page of arsenal default for guns and meele weapons. (Page 1 used to get weapon components, which you can get from worth menu, so it’s used in rare situations).


    Stop hating turret users.

  • @mazah170 said in [ZS] Quality of life and some other stuff.:

    Inquisitor Crossbow is ignored

    The inquisitor is better than its ever been. I think you mean the Impaler

    1. Is coming next patch

  • @dr-dru
    Oh yes, Impaler, wooops

  • As for the tier switch ups, Gluon is going to under-powered for a good reason, so don’t bug Raox about it. It’s also doing better in t4 than t5 and the variants are much easier to achieve now. Zeus rework was warranted, I’ve gotten 5 1k point rounds from just using it when it worked with Resonance Cascade. You could spawn camp Chems with it and pair it up with Cryo nades. Not to mention it was insanely profitable, I had enough points to buy two people tier 5’s once and I could also aegis spam with the points I made. I think it could very well use a buff now though, shocked zombies take extra-damage from you, but they would’ve been dead by the time you get to fire another bolt. Impaler traces were fixed in the update (not live yet), which hopefully means it penetrates more zombies now, Colossus can only damage two zombies at a time when I used it. If anything, I would complain about the Spinfusor rework. I’ve only been able to do significant damage in hallway cades, which are rare and I probably would’ve been better off using any other t5.

  • @lando Im not asking about return of the old Zeus and other meta (if you were meaning old t5(4) ), i also understand Raox’s decisions, but do you realy want to see people spitting on Gluon users? Tuned Splinter (stage 2, not honed or perfected tuned variants) outscores Gluon easily and not shaking entire universe + ammo profitable. (do something with shakeness or cooldown)

    On zs_jail i tried using Guon just to be SURE its bad. Before loose we didnt even have to aim (too many zombies hug the cade) and it wasnt giving enough points to even refill ammo…

    1. Proliferator SMG feels underpowered for its cost (Sprayer(35), Splinter(35) + Blaster or Owen(15)). Could you increase fire rate at the cost of ammo consumption?

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