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S&Box (Garry's Mod 2)

    Gmod 2.0 is being made and I plan on making gamemodes for it.

    I’ve been programming for 11 years and I’ve been working as a game developer in Unity since 2013 so I see no problem making stuff for NoXiousNet.

    What kind of servers do we want to see NoXiousNet hosting? (No I’m not making ZS)

  • sandbox

  • Retro team play definitely

  • rtp

  • I’d be alright with an RTP game mode right of the bat for S&Box, but if we don’t want it to die once more, things should be changed if we don’t want people to abandon it again :

    @jetboom said in Lets play rtp:

    How 2 fix rtp:

    • Make crafted stuff take half as long to put up but 4-5x faster to destroy. Also remove shit empty maps.
    • Get rid of power supply system or greatly simplify it.
    • Combine/delete like half of the abilities and classes. Don’t need more than like 10 per class. Every class should have a way to heal and maybe something for movement. Also would allow binding abilities to slot1-9 instead of radial wheel.
    • Make all abilities have a cool down and mana cost.
    • Make it so obelisks don’t give mana to get rid of the obelisk hump meta. Just make mana faster to restore or something.
    • Do something about all the sources of cheap one hit kills.
    • Possibly remove teleport to target.

    Awesome Strike Source would be great as well, though I would assume it would need a new name.

  • @dark-noob I’d rather take inspiration from it and make something new.

    I do already have some ideas in mind.
    Think Guild Wars 2 class system with a first person controller in mind, and their spell combo system. Combined with some round progression system. (weak start, strong push and pull in the end)

    @god-king-takara said in S&Box (Garry’s Mod 2):


    It’s not the source engine that made those servers empty.

  • darkfall type game

    survival like gmod stranded but not garbage

    buggy racer

  • Be the first to make some sort of roleplaying gamemode then monetize it and get rich off of the 12 year olds with their parent’s credit cards

  • or a roleplay gamemode that has AI that governs the server and players, instead of admins.

    Edit - make the Siberian salt mines.

  • Rohan Singh
    Toronto, Canada


  • Banned

    If you could come up with a dodgeball server or Super dank prop hunt i’d definitely be there.
    Also, ZS (even though you said not ZS) i’d be there too.

  • Just use ue4 directly, why even do this?

  • Would like to see NoxBox

  • @atomic said in S&Box (Garry’s Mod 2):

    (No I’m not making ZS)

    alt text

  • @wibble Why would I split the community? It’s perfectly fine as it is.

  • I’d like to see a gamemode that’s like Mario Boxes, but where the maps aren’t full of five bazillion deathtraps.

    The source engine also has something to do with why the server is empty, but it’s 95% the fault of people making maps that play more like interactive multiplayer obstacle courses then what Mario Boxes originally started out as.

    edit Another gamemode I’d like to see is one where crafting is the mechanic, rather then one of the mechanics. Craft a key to a door to unlock it. Craft your weapon’s swing and damage pattern. Craft an NPC to guard your house while you’re away.

    This would most likely involve lots of ugly OOP-type shit and require lots of testing.

  • We’ll see. In 1-2 years I’ll probably be long gone anyways.

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