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Unmute request.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • How exactly did you get yourself muted in the first place? If you’re so dedicated to actual communication…

  • @doomangelblade what.

    You seem to fully lack the part of a persons brain that goes “Yeah I should probably not do that anymore” when that person gets beaten up in middle school for being an absolute fucking retard.

    You know a normal person would be quite humble after receiving a serious punishment and own up to their mistakes, but you seem to just be going full cluwne about the whole situation. A complete honking mess.

    There is no arguing.
    This thread is a joke because you are not owning up to your mistakes. This thread is about you not being able to tell people what to do and should be unmuted for that reason. Are you serious???

    Simply apologize for what you did, with a cherry on top (video, cake). And maybe. MAYBE. You’ll get your punishment removed.

    Your move, retard.

  • @atomic said in Unmute request.:

    Yeah I should probably not do that anymore"

    Gets punished for dumb voteban.
    Stops using voteban system unless there is a real reason to do so.(It was removed later. Sad)

    Gets punished for putting crates on zspawn. ( was never punished for doing so before )
    Never does that after punishment.

    Gets muted with reason “Annoying”
    Uses in-game chat for in-game topics.

    Gets punished for telling people to skip maps.
    Stops doing so(Exception: Broken maps(Zs_bd_b16_n for example(Which was removed))).

    Has been told to not suicide after wave 1 begins(Skip maps)
    Started to use volunteer system.

  • So you’re basically trying to work your way round to breaking every rule on nox?

  • alt text

  • Banned

    I’m not involved in this but I think what atomic trying to say is that yeah you made those mistakes but you haven’t identified that your actions have affected others in an unfair way.
    Punishment or not, that’s about responsibility. You made/make a lot of mistakes and the cynical approach isn’t winning over support.
    Hope you can get your unmute, but you have to consider how your actions affect others / the community.

  • Hey wtf, we are NxN community, we’re super friendly and helpful, put him into ballpit, let him speak with his friends.

  • i seriously fucking lost it

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