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[WIP] zs_mallofthedead

  • Hey! I’m pretty new to mapping and I’ve been working on zs map for a while now as I learned more and more about mapping for the source engine. Today I’ve uploaded a public beta of my WIP zs map for people to test and play on the Workshop.
    This is my first map, hopefully it turns out to be something great. The map as of right now isn’t finished and has a lot more work to be done.

    Here’s the Workshop page:
    alt text
    Here’s how my map works:
    Zombies spawn on the 4th floor and jump down onto lower floors.
    Humans spawn on the first floor.
    Something else I wanted to note is that there’s a cade with a vent ontop which only allows bonemesh balls to shoot through of from another room. There’s also a crack in the wall which humans can shoot the bonemesh in the other room.

    If you guys have any feedback just let me know! It helps me a lot and gives me more of an idea how balanced and enjoyable the map is.

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