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  • Why players should gain xp if they are not playing as human at all?
    Why should we suffer when bunch of braindead voting for good objective map and then going f2 - others - grenade? Dafaq?

  • You don’t even get much xp from zombie, xp from brains was reduced and redeeming now gives significantly more xp. I see you playing a lot during literal shit-tier human hours, so just disconnect and play another game and come back on later. You’re not perma-locked into playing this game, there are other (better) games. As for people voting for objective maps, you have a mic, scream at them to not vote for it. Mic-users are powerful in ZS with the herd mentality.

  • Do you realy want to have “good” games only at certain hours? I know bunch of players playing in that period of time, we had 3 wins yesterday, when some retards were offline, zteam had good enough players too. How about people living in some specific timezone?

  • Just play human, it usually seems like humans get more map votes than the average zombie, so vote for something good quick and mob mentality should sort itself out. Also, if starter zombies are superior in skill compared to humans, why should humans just be given a free win on a silver platter?

  • you can’t have 24/7 god-tier humans, like Lando said

  • 0_1523157897752_20180407193625_1.jpg


  • wow it’s like people play zombie if they want to

  • Almost as if we’re allowed to go zombie and play the game? I could care less what the next map was, people were still suicidng to play Zombie Escape which I wasn’t interested in. I just wanted to go zombie on that map, like I always do.

    As for the barrel kills, Jimmy and I had already suicided down in the sewers with explosive barrels, the explosion ticked off other barrels in the sewer. If they didn’t want to die, they should’ve moved with the ample enough of warning. Note that we also did it AWAY from the sigils, so if they were lurking around those areas, they were basically sentencing themselves.

    Sat Apr 7 12:36:52 2018 <STEAM_0:0:32662698> Jimmyboi55: I was dead for 30 secs
    Sat Apr 7 12:36:53 2018 <STEAM_0:0:42753194> Bondy: <avatar steamid=STEAM_0:0:32662698 size=255>
    Sat Apr 7 12:36:57 2018 <STEAM_0:1:162838798> noodle arms cader removed a nail belonging to <STEAM_0:1:162838798> noodle arms cader from prop_physics (models/props_lab/lockerdoorleft.mdl) + world which leaves 0 nail(s) left. Remover score: 0 Deployer score: 0
    Sat Apr 7 12:36:58 2018 <STEAM_0:0:32662698> Jimmyboi55: the barrel was burning
    Sat Apr 7 12:36:58 2018 <STEAM_0:0:51174733> [_]: wawe 0 zombie lol
    Sat Apr 7 12:36:58 2018 <STEAM_0:1:95863605> Lando: LMFAO
    Sat Apr 7 12:37:00 2018 <Player Initial Spawned> - STEAM_0:0:212741566 HairMoose
    Sat Apr 7 12:37:01 2018 <STEAM_0:0:85979113> Stone Main: wave 0 50% zombies pogchamp
    Sat Apr 7 12:37:02 2018 <STEAM_0:1:104513067> beenus: see ya on the fourms BUB
    Sat Apr 7 12:37:03 2018 <Player Connected> Yuu | STEAM_0:0:57426110
    Sat Apr 7 12:37:04 2018 <STEAM_0:1:42627829> TΣsla™ removed a nail belonging to <STEAM_0:1:42627829> TΣsla™ from prop_physics_multiplayer (models/props_c17/concrete_barrier001a.mdl) + world which leaves 0 nail(s) left. Remover score: 0 Deployer score: 0
    Sat Apr 7 12:37:05 2018 <STEAM_0:0:32662698> Jimmyboi55: and they all ran to it

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