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The Kinda Silly-But-Maybe-Not Suggestion Thread

  • Some light-hearted (and kinda joking) suggestions which may or may not take shape in the future.

    1. New Boss - Super Fastie (working name)

    A large version of the fastie zombie, it moves much faster, climbs faster, jumps much farther and deals more damage with its rapid claw attack.

    Downside - Low health, can easily be taken down with concentrated fire.

    Use - Good at taking out stragglers, especially in large, open area maps. Can be used to lockdown an area outside, keeping humans in check while zombies close in towards the cades.

    1. New Boss - Super Flesh Creeper (working name)

    A large flesh creeper that can jump higher. Its nest deployments are immune to human proximity, however:

    Downside: nests last 3 minutes (or other limited time) and the boss can only create a total of 3(?) nests.

    Use: Greater jump and closer deployment means nests can be strategically placed on roofs or floors above humans. Also, when nest limited reached, boss can deal decent damage at long-ish range with leg attack.

    1. An undo button for accidental dismantles (if possible).

    2. Ability to buy scrap directly from arsenals.

    3. Introduce a “vote shit map (or something similar)” button/command during gameplay that logs votes for bad maps as they’re being played.

    Feel free to add to the thread.

  • no

  • New crate: Kitchen. Can purchase food items for a cost. Crate owner receives points from purchases.

    Cost (rough idea):
    Water/Soda: 8 points.
    Banana/Orange: 15 points.
    Watermelon/Takeout: 22 points.

  • Nah

  • no

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