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[ZS] Make arsenal and resupply packs ineffective near sigils

  • When there is a person with a resupply or arsenal pack sitting on or standing right next to a sigil you’re unable to use the sigil unless you use it from an obscure angle which you don’t have the time for once a barricade breaks. Even if you’re attempting to leave well ahead of time you have a much greater chance of dying due to poison being thrown to reset your teleportation timer.

    I’m suggesting to make it so that either arsenal and resupply packs are unusable near a sigil or that the sigil takes priority when either pack is very close proximity to a sigil.

  • Maybe I should just fix the bug where you can’t use the sigil first, that’s what this thread sounds like.

  • On a side note, the “no crate placement” buffer zone around resupply crates sometimes makes it impossible to deploy crates on a floor above or below the deployed crate. Is there a way to reduce the vertical effect of the buffer zone or reduce the overall buffer?

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