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Post your Variant Ideas

  • Lets have some lighthearted discussion where we discuss our ideas for some potentially useful weapon variants. I think variants are best when they allow humans to specialize in certain areas, or adapt to a situation with minimal investment, but your ideas may vary. Don’t worry about posting exact numbers, just throw out some ideas and try keep them balanced! Also, weapons can have second variants as well, so don’t let the fact that a weapon already has a variant stop you.

    The “Stubber” Support rifle

    • Variant 2 for the stubber: (zoomed, magnified, enhanced)
    • +Increased scope zoom
    • +Headshot Multiplier
    • -Slower Firerate
    • -Higher max cone

    Designed for long range engagements, the support rifle would be the opposite extreme of the stabilized rifle. While the player would get extra damage out of each shot (given that they only nail headshots) Its poorer fire rate and even worse maximum cone makes close range mistakes extremely costly. I know in the past I was against increasing the zoom, but I think this is a good way to implement that request without compromising the base rifle. Also, the adjustable iron sight zoom feature kind of negates this problem.

  • I might just make wooism another skill again.

  • Hand Cannon “Desert Eagle”

    (Oiled, Modified, Blitzed)

    • Slight knockback and 15% chance to disorient on headshot
    • -35% fire rate
    • -15% reload speed

    Just wanted to give some ideas for a Deagle variant. I would wish a variant, if it were created, would focus more on keeping zombies at bay by rewarding careful aim while also punishing players for botching a shot. A high risk-high reward variant.

  • "Trickshot" Bolt pistol

    • Variant 2 for the slinger: (Fuckiunno: Tubular, Radical, Righteous)
    • +Pinpoint accuracy
    • -/+Damage done is now based on how long the bolt stays in the air before hitting the target
    • -Base damage is pitiful - if you want to make bank better learn how to arc your shots

    "Doomslayer" Sawed-off shotgun

    • Variant 2 for the splinter: (Groovy, Groovier, Grooviest)
    • +Knocks back zombies
    • -/+ Spread is a (longer and denser) horizontal line like the fracture but can’t be made vertical with alt fire
    • -Cannot fire one barrel at a time, firing one barrel at a time is for wusses!
    • -Slower reload - gotta make sure you slam those shells in HARD

    Fine tuning thoughts after the fact: The knock-back strength should be based on how many pellets you can land on the target. The concept of guns with knock-back itself sounds EXTREMELY frustrating for zombies. I haven’t seen nor experienced what the shredder variant can do at range, but considering how much of a minor irk leg damage is, full-on knock-back would be a nightmare to me. I mean, The spread on the doomslayer would make it so that a small hallway of zombies could be pushed back all at once; the pellet-measurement counteracts this.

    "Flicker" SMG

    • Variant 1 for the tosser
    • +An increase in damage compared to sturdy, making it more profitable if you can deal with:
    • -Is now a burst-fire weapon

  • @raox I have a new appreciation for it in its absence. That would be fun

  • I’m not good with making cool names like you guys, but I have some ideas for variants.

    -Old T5 Colossus (reuse the model, the hotdog gun is unappealing) but with explosive headshots instead of penetration. Same old reload speed, ammo consumption (x2), and damage. Tapering and radius are needed, but I’ll leave it up to you.

    -Tiny Slug variant that provides stacks (reload speed, firing speed, etc.) for each consecutive headshot, but no longer insta-kills on headshot (uses the same headshot multi as bosses do). Missing will reduce your stack by 1, bodyshots do not reduce stacks.

    -Zeus variant that has two firing buttons, Mouse1 fires a slow bolt with a small arc that summons a small radius of electricity around that slows and deals minor DoT damage, similar to ZE Electro. Mouse2 fires a fast moving bolt that normally does minor damage, but when hitting any enemy in the electricity field summoned, it will do a bit more damage and arc between all enemies inside the field. It will not arc between zombies outside of the field. Basically, an ASMD rip-off.

    -Juggernaut variant that has a smaller clip size (around 60), loses the ability to fire massive amounts projectiles in its final burst, but fires more consecutive, lower damage projectiles. Maybe make it reload slightly faster.

    -Ricochet variant that provides a massive bonus to the first shot in the clip that was fired after switching to the gun in an interval of time. Deals less damage and has other downsides if fired without the quick-draw condition being met. Should encourage quick-draw users.

    -Power Fist variant that has a lower base knockback, but you can charge it up to produce a massive amount of push force, this knockback should apply to bosses aswell, but on a reduced scale. This weapon is relatively useless anyways. Another suggestion for power fists variant is turn them into Guts’ Armcannon, give it a slower swing speed but the alt-fire is replaced with a blast that deals self damage and knockback the user and enemy, basically allows you to put spacing between you and the enemy. It would consume ammo of course.


    also buff the gluon variants wtf

  • Banned

    “Ravager” Charge Strike Rifle

    Base: Adonis

    Tiers: Awakened/Infused/Furious

    +30% damage

    -15% firerate

    +10% aim error

    ~Model gets an olive green hue instead of a dark blue one

  • @no_anime_police_blapstalker

  • Banned

    @binyot This is a suggestion thread, not a shitpost one.

  • Yeah, you should probably stop shit posting terrible suggestions @No_Anime_Police_Blapstalker

  • 𝕮𝖚𝖒

    make gluon t4 since it’s complete dogshit and make thunderbolt a craftable somehow, one of the benefits reducing sway (not completely ofc) and whatever else that could make it a viable t5 equivalent craft

  • The thing with the Gluon and any other beam type weapon is it’s really easy to make it a weapon that involves you not moving your mouse at all. The aim sway is part of the solution to that. I also made it scale from reload speed and aim accuracy recently and reduced the base aim sway a bit after nerfing the “thickness” of the beam. Want to see how it performs first.
    It’s a tricky weapon to balance, I’d rather have it in a state of being carefully underpowered just because of how much accurate DPS it pours out.

  • I thought of a few ideas that were more “fun idea” than actually viable or supporting good gameplay.

    ‘Solitude’ SMG
    ‘Silencer’ SMG variant

    • +50% Damage

    • -25% Magazine Capacity

    • -25% Rate of Fire

    • -Damage decreases based on the number of humans near you

      Notes: Percentage of decrease equal to the percentage of total server population within 10m of you that are humans

    ‘Instigator’ Shotgun
    ‘Fracture’ Shotgun Variant

    • -2 pellets

    • -50% Reload Speed

    • +Every 5 kills grants humans near you a temporary damage buff

      Notes: Buff is equal to a bloodshot bomb in damage boost and range, but with lower duration and no blood armor

    ‘Clairvoyant’ UMP
    ‘Reaper’ UMP variant

    • -No longer gain a temporary buff per kill

    • +Builds focus based on damage done

    • Focus tightens aiming reticule, increases reload speed, and increases damage done

    • Lose focus when taking damage or moving

      Gain 1 focus per 10 damage done
      Each 10 focus increases damage, reload speed, and aiming reticule tightness by 1%
      Lose 1 focus for every 10 hammer units moved
      Lose 1 focus per point of damage taken

  • devastator spinfusor

  • Tosser SMG

    "Grandpa’s War Relic"

    • Magazine size increased to 71 rounds
    • Damage decreased to 14 per round
    • Fire rate increased to about 1000 rounds per minute
    • Accuracy decreased even more but just slightly in comparison with the standard Silencer SMG

  • @mr-dude said in Post your Variant Ideas:

    • Magazine size increased to 71 rounds
    • Damage decreased to 14 per round.
    • Fire rate increased to about 1000 rounds per minute


    233 damage per second.

    You want a weapon that has a clip that will literally deal on base damage the equivalent of ~2 poison zombies in the space of 4 seconds?

  • @mr-dude said in Post your Variant Ideas:

    Silencer SMG

    "Grandpa’s War Relic"

    • Magazine size increased to 71 rounds
    • Damage decreased to 14 per round
    • Fire rate increased to about 1000 rounds per minute
    • Accuracy decreased even more but just slightly in comparison with the standard Silencer SMG
    • gun is rusty, thus gives you tetanus and kills you

  • @gatekeeper

    Then let us make it just 9 damage

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