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Two choices

  • If A then I would just downgrade them to remove the aoe. It would be easier to rebalance them after removing said area of effect rather than remove them since the damage would be fixed. Introduce some other gimmick to them like a status effect or something like that.

  • If we’re going to nerf AOE weapons, we should probably replace the AOE ability with an ability to deal additional damage after hitting a zombie. Zeus and Nova can deal electrical damage to hit zombies, something like 10-15 damage, and other weapons like the Magnum can deal bleed to zombies. Just something I thought up.

  • I think the problem is line-of-sight not just AoE. Either we want more or none of the “round-the-corner” damage tactics. Personally, I think you should always have to see your target. That gives the element of risk and reward. Otherwise you get players whose entire strategy is to pick away at targets from a corner with no risk what-so-ever.

  • make zombie survival hard again, like 2007 difficulty

  • 2007-2009 difficulty was hit zombies with super strong melee and they had broken melee traces so would have trouble hitting you. They also were incredibly slow.

  • @epple

    When was risk-reward a thing when you’re inside a cade for 5 waves? You’re literally able to aim through a crack with a Terminus, or any highly accurate rapid fire gun and get tons of points. If anything, theres more of a risk-reward to explosive weapons now with the taper mechanics, nerf to radius, and damage. Spamming Mouse1 with an explosive weapon is highly ineffective, you won’t get points back from using it like that. If a zombie is off in the corner, he’s useless. You should be hitting the cade.

    If you really want to do with a nerf to explosive weapons, give all the explosives the Spinfusor treatment, encourage actually directing the zombie and discourage spamming. T5 Spinfusor and T5 Zeus were the main culprits of this and Raox did a good job toning them down. Just apply this to all the other explosives and leave it at that.

    Removing explosives would be boring. Guns should be unique, nobody wants to look in the arsenal and see the same copy of guns that do the same exact things but with different stats.

  • Explosives aren’t going to deal 100 damage to you around a corner, but they might hit you, especially things like Spinfusor and Broadside which are close to 100 radius. I can just tone them down to like 35-45 radius and then they’re not going to hit you around a corner at all.

    Make sure you read this:

  • 0_1521743290440_1519631491789.jpg
    Why are we doing everything in our power to turn [GT4] into Nostradamus.

    Are we going to compensate for this by making explosives resupply like, 9 instead of 3? The only way you could sustain yourself with most explosives is if you use that VERY SITUATIONAL weapon in the way it was intended: acting as crowd control when the human team is outnumbered 3:1, two sigils are down, and you’ve got a barricade full of bone-meshed wilds/eradicators soaking up every bullet, pellet, and pulseshot the h-team can throw at them. And this is assuming you don’t end up behind a blind-spot cade with 90% of the z-team going chemburster, in which case I hope you’re enjoying that 200-point paperweight you just bought.

    I’m honestly baffled where this balance concern came from. Never, and I mean NEVER, have I failed to prevent a human team victory and went “Gee, if only they hadn’t had that broadside/spinfusor/whathaveyou, we would have been rolling in enough brains to make Igor jizz his pants.” The vast majority of the time it has something to do with not building enough momentum in the early game because of leavers and afkers, having a z-team that has no idea that nest coordination can destroy even the most anime-carried h-teams, or just plain bad map design. Nobody wants to run at a cade down a football-field-length hallway with a bunch of scars, juggers, and colossuses on the other end.

    Really, I’d rather have us backtrack on that planned Eradicator/Chemburster nerf than having something done to the game that makes it less varied. If there’s really no way of avoiding this nonsense, then please, just go with B instead. Give the zombies some new fucking toys to play with. Lord knows that monotonous experience needs some things to spice it up besides the chance of playing a boss.

  • Did people enjoy the flatter curve as today orients to in terms of zombie power or the more ramped up one towards later game being death? I ask out of interest…

    Is appealing to one player better than appealing to the majority?

    And when was it ever fun to step in front of a Boom Stick or Pulse Rifle?

  • 0_1521783608167_Broadside.png

    In all honesty, explosives seem to be hit and miss when it comes to usability.
    To use explosives effectively, cades need to be wide enough for the projectile to even leave the cade and hit a zombie and when there is only 1-3 zombies, the ammo expended to damage is basically dogshit compared to any weapon in its tier.

    Another drawback is self-damage as anything other than a hyena is going to guarantee your explosives is going to damage you, especially inside cades with small gaps to shoot out and even when the cade is wide enough to allow rockets/grenades to exit, the added risk of a headcrab jumping into your rocket launcher is large enough as it is.

    I guess toning down blast perks would be better as it would discourage explosive spam as you need to actively try to blast 10 rockets into your feet to die.

  • I think there needs to be a line that’s drawn between variety and downright unfair weaponry. I mean what’s next, Eraser (1996 movie) assault rifles that shoot through walls?


  • @sally-mcsaggytits What weapon is anywhere near the level of shooting through walls?

  • @sally-mcsaggytits

    ghhost gun: stats

    • can spiit bullets and zombie(through wall O_o)
    • cute uwu
    • scary so gives usar haert attack X_x

    adam pls add… its very god becase it fitts theme…

  • remove every map with more than a 3% win rate

    @sally-mcsaggytits said in Two choices:

    I mean what’s next, Eraser (1996 movie) assault rifles that shoot through walls?

    new zs weapon -
    Phase plasma rifle in 40 watt range

  • @west-nile That’s already taken care of. If the winrate is too high, the zombies get buffed up a little.

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